The Ultimate Acne Treatment That Will Surely Produce Remarkable Effect Featuring Sugar Detoxification For 21 Days

Eliminating acne has always been a real cause of worry for people; this write-up will show you the solution to eliminating acne in 21 days using sugar detoxification system. A wide variety of scientific studies carried out in recent times made amazing discoveries, one of them which is most significant is that those whose diet contain a lot excessive sugar and high glycemic food including food items like flour, white potato and bread.

It has been discovered through recent research that those who consume diet with more sugar and glycemic content developed more rashes of acne and a reduction of sugar intake and diet with low glycemic consumption will lead to noteworthy clearing out of acne rashes.

Furthermore, cutting back on sugar consumption does not only lead to a reduced amount of acne, but helps in a curbing weight gain, preventing hair loss, stopping the production of hormones that are responsible for acne outbreak  and lowering the risk of diabetics.

The importance of understanding how sugar detoxification can be used to eliminate acne would not only lead to a younger and fresher skin, but an additional benefit of a healthier and disease-free body.

Two Key Causes of Acne

The two key factors that trigger acne outbreak are the hormonal causes and inflammation causes. What hormones do is that it triggers the production of excessive sebum and the growth of skin cell; this is responsible for cloggy and blocked skin pores.

  1. Hormones and Sugar

The danger of sugar consumption is far-reaching, it boost the hormones that are responsible for acne which are, growth factor of insulin and androgens. The hormone, Androgen causes excessive production of sebum and growth of skin cell. Increase in the level of sugar in the blood leads to the production of these hormones. Scientific research has shown that these hormones are linked with:

  • Severe acne blister outbreak.
  • Excessively sebum production.
  • Growth in the size of acne pores.

An appalling point to note regarding the consumption of sugar is that it breaks down to sebum. So whenever you eat food with too much sugar in it, what increases in your body is the production of sebum and worsening and breakouts of acne rashes.

  1. Sugar and Inflammation

The second key cause of acne is inflammation. Recent scientific studies are connecting the link between acne and high inflammation level. When the skin is short of antioxidant, it is at risk of inflammation. Diets that contain excessive hydrogenated fatty acid, polyunsaturated fatty acid, in addition to that, vegetable oils that are processed can likewise cause inflammation.

According to a study carried out from a credible health journal, Soda, when consumed daily, has the means or capability of boosting levels of inflammation to between 87% and 105%.

One way to understand the method of eradicating acne ultimately is to stay away from sugary diets and consume more diets low in glycemic content. This will greatly make better the condition of the acne.

Acne and Diet: Falsity

Diets are not responsible for acne outbreak. Foods that contain glycemic content that is high are the key cause of acne outbreak. Foods rich in high GI astronomically increase sugar levels in the blood in no time. Foods regarded as a high glycemic food includes sugar and processed carbohydrates {pasta, frozen yoghurt, soft drink, white bread etc.}. In contrast, foods that are categorized in the group of food with lesser amount of glycemic content include vegetable and whole grain.

Benefit of consuming foods low in glycemic index includes lowering of sugar levels in blood, reduction of hormones responsible for not just insulin but inflammation and acne outbreak

The knowledge of the treatment of acne with diets low in glycemic diet will not only lead to a tremendous lessening in acne outbreaks, but a  more beautiful and vigorous skin.

Outlined underneath is compilation of important foods that are low in glycemic index / high in glycemic index:

Foods low in glycemic index

wheat, grain product, cabbage, garden lettuce, edible mushrooms, eating apple, citrus, nuts, edible grains, beet, cowpea, soya  milk, fermented milk product.

Foods high in glycemic index

Sugar, breakfast cereal made from maize, toast, sweet bread, ring-shaped roll, carrot, sweet juicy watermelon, palm fruit seed, cake, maple-flavoured syrup, fried potatoes, potatoes that are mashed, frozen drinks, biscuits, soft drink, highly processed food.

What is 21 Days Sugar Detoxification All About?

If you have always wanted to know:

  1. a) how to treat acne naturally
  2. b) the best method of severe acne treatment
  3. c) the ultimate remedy for acne outbreaks,
  4. d) the method of acne rosacea treatment, or all the much more

Therefore this dietary programme would be of utmost value to you.

Sugar detoxification for 21 days is the ultimate diet programme that reduces cravings for sugar, reduces hormones that causes acne, lowers insulin and prevention of acne swelling or inflammation.

In addition to the elimination of acne, other health benefits include:

  • Hair loss reduction
  • Substantial weight loss
  • Lesser instable energy during the course of the day
  • Lessened cases of tiredness, fatigue, melancholy and worry
  • Decreased cases of mental exhaustion and dull thinking
  • Decreased cases of extreme craving for food.
  • Vibrant skin
  • Lessening in the size of pores.
  • Diabetes prevention

Exactly How Does Sugar Detoxification for 21 Days Function?

The aim of the programme is to monitor your diet. By means of substituting several foods high in glycemic index with foods low in glycemic index, there will be a freedom from the shackle of sugar craving for the rest of your life.

Direction For The Basic Sugar Detoxification for 21 Days Program

  • Take away all sugary food item and foods high in GI.
  • Remove from the “foodstuff to stay away from” list below
  • Eat foods on the “beneficial foodstuff” list below

What You’ll Experience in the Sugar Detoxification Program

In the beginning, your desire for anything sugary will increase. This is a normalcy. You will get over your craving in 3 and 4 days, it is important you adapt to the situation. Maybe this is toughest aspect of the sugar detoxification programme, and it comes with certain benefits. What you will undergo is some helpful and negative symptoms that will take place in your body when it is beginning to adapt. They are:

Helpful Symptoms

  • Energy increase
  • More appealing skin
  • Less swelling of your pimples
  • A decrease in weight
  • Improved Sleep
  • Happy mood/less downheartedness

Negative Symptoms

  • Sluggishness/low energy
  • Mood swing
  • Infrequent sleep
  • Overly sensitiveness 

Foods to Eat and Avoid for Your Sugar Detoxification for 21 Days Programme

Food to Avoid:

Agave Nectar, alcohol, all Fried Foods, all Fruit not on Good Foods List, all Grains not on Good Foods lists, artificial sweeteners, white bread, Buckwheat, Candy ,Cereal ,Cheese, cream sauces, sugar, sucrose, sugar,

Good Foods:

 All Sea Vegetables, All Vegetables, except potatoes, Avocado, Nuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Chicken, Goji Berries, Grape Seed Oil, Maca, Fish, Beans, Coconut Oil, Brown Rice, Green Life Smoothie, Carrots, Incan Berries (Golden Berries), Organic Turkey, Bee Pollen.


Your body will undergo an important chapter of cleansing for the duration of 21 days. Your body will also be healthy after treatment. A beautiful and vibrant skin and a tremendous clearing of acne is certain if you adhere to the instruction in this program.

Having the knowledge of eradicating acne is about cutting down the consumption of sugar, a major contributor of acne.

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