The Ultimate Pancakes for Kids

Kids these days, huh? It would be shame to complain about my kids really, because they are generally good. Sometimes they can be annoying but, all in all, I think I’ve done a good job.

The story is very different when it comes to food. Since they got big enough to choose what they eat we’ve had a great deal of problems. Firstly, they are addicted to sweet things and it is quite difficult to persuade them to eat anything salty. Secondly, they get easily bored with certain food.


What I mean is this: Pancakes again? But we had pancakes two days ago…No we didn’t! You see, even pancakes can get boring. I wasn’t prepared for that. I love the classic pancake recipe and I always make them pretty much the same way, only varying the toppings: honey or maple syrup, sometimes fruit or nuts. Nothing too fancy but always delicious. Now I had to search for fresh new recipes. So I searched and searched through various food sites…And boy, did I find great pancake recipes!image007



Even though everything is new, nothing is really changed. The new recipes I’ve tried so far are basically the good old simple pancake mix and they are as easy to make as usual. You only play with additional ingredients.

I wanted to make a huge change, so the first experimental pancake I made was-RED. Yes, red. Why? They have red food coloring and fresh raspberries. These babes taste good and also look good. They are covered with cream cheese glaze. There a few tips and tricks to make these beauties, you can find them on

If you are one of those moms who make figures with the food or draw on their kid’s food with syrups or ketchup (guilty!), you can make a spooky breakfast with the ghost pancakes. The ghosts are made of whipped cream with mini chocolate chips for the eyes. When I made these pancakes kids thought they were really funny and we had a great laugh.

The all-time favorite Oreo cookies and pancakes make the best dessert ever.  This one is definitely a winner. The bonus is that they are also completely vegan and low in calories. You can have one, or a few, without feeling guilty. They are made of dark chocolate cocoa butter and have creamy filling in between.

There are tons of great ideas on MyGreatRecipes for amazing and fun pancakes. I am sure your kids will never be bored with pancakes again. And if you really want to experiment and try to make your kids eat something salty here is a good easy example for salty pancakes.

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