The Ultimate Reason Behind Menometrorrhagia and Natural Remedies

What is Menometrorrhagia?

If you have more than average blood loss, commonly heavy periods, then it is referred as Menometrorrhagia. A woman has 30-40 ml blood loss per month. If she is losing 80 or more, then it is considered as a heavy blood loss.

The heavy period may occur occasionally. But if is occurring every month then you should be very concern about the issue. Because if can affect you both physically and mentally. Here our expert Gynaecologists gave his valuable opinion about Menometrorrhagia, causes, effects and told some common natural remedies that we have also covered in this article.

Types of Menometrorrhagia 

Before proceeding to the common signs and symptoms of the Menometrorrhagia, let’s know the types. Mainly Menometrorrhagia is of two types- Menorrhagia and Metrorrhagia. If heavy abnormal menstruation is occurring at a regular interval, it is called Menorrhagia. On the other hand, if it occurs at irregular intervals it is referred as Metrohhagia.

How to Identify Menometrorrhagia: Common Signs & Symptoms

Though you need to have detailed test report of the patient to identify Menometrorrhagia properly, there are also some common signs. We will also discuss the necessary detailed report that is needed after knowing you the common sign and symptoms.

  • A woman will face problem while taking a long breath. She will also feel very weak and tired after a short period of work.
  • Extremely heavy blood loss between the period of twenty-one to thirty-five days.
  • This heavy blood loss will continue more than seven days.
  • A woman should have lower abdomen pain while the menstruation occurs.
  • You will have poor concentration and continuous headaches.
  • Also, the temperature of your body will decrease abruptly, and you will gradually feel your toes and fingers becoming numb.

These are the common symptoms of which you can be sure you are affected by Menometrorrhagia and should take proper medication. But before knowing the natural remedies and causes let’s discuss shortly the detailed test report for Menometrorrhagia.

  • Age of the woman.
  • If you’re pregnant or not.
  • The amount of bleeding while menstruation.
  • The pattern of menses from menarche.
  • Testing hirsutism.
  • Testing your renal failure.
  • Any bleeding disorders.
  • Previous medical diagnoses.
  • Current medications.

Causes of Menometrorrhagia

Let’s now let you know what might cause Menometrorrhagia. Though it is commonly treated as a hormonal problem, there seem no problems to your womb or ovaries. But it can affect you both physically and psychologically. The common causes of this heavy blood losses are-

  • Benign Growths in Womb Muscle and Adenomyosis
    This noncancerous muscles in the womb often called Fibroids can cause heavy periods. Also sometimes the endometrium that is a mucus membrane that line with the uterus becomes implanted with uterine muscle and cause Menometrorrhagia.
  • Problems in Uterus and Small Uterine Polyps
    If you are having any infections or even fleshy lumps might cause Menometrorrhagia. Also if any cancer cell named endometrial develops abruptly, it may cause heavier blood loss. Though it’s a rare case and women aged between 50-60 are prone to this problem.
    If you face your polyps have shorter benign outgrowth, this can also result in heavier blood loss. It’s also a menstrual disorder.
  • Hormonal Problems
    If a woman has any hormonal problems like polycystic ovary syndrome or underactive thyroid glad they are prone to have Menometrorrhagia. Also if a woman has inherited the bleeding disorder, then she might have abnormal menstrual. But the natural remedies fight very well in this case.
  • Problems After Having Chemotherapy
    Some medicines that are used for chemotherapy can increase the rate of growth of the womb muscle cells. This can also occur heavy periods and a blood loss of more than 80ml.
  • Pregnancy Complications
    Miscarriage can also lead to heavy blood loss and single menstruation.
  • Warfarin or Blood Clotting
    Though it is a rare case of Menometrorrhagia and often considered the side effects of the medicines, but still, it causes heavy menstrual.
  • Ovary Dysfunctionality and Intrauterine Device

Sometimes the growth of progesterone may lower because of the lacking of ovulation. This is also due to another hormonal imbalance. But the use of any non-hormonal devices for intrauterine, commonly used for birth control can cause heavy menstruation or heavy bleeding.

  • Pelvic Infections and Cancer
    Different injections can lead you to a heavy menstrual. Pelvic injection like Chlamydia can cause heavy menstruation, but it causes occasionally. This infection can be easily treated with infection, but if it is occurred by cancer cells, you need to take proper medications. Many types of cancer may cause Menometrorrhagia. Such as- ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

Some Natural Treatments

The whole period we have talked about the types, signs and causes of Menometrorrhagia. Here we will discuss some natural treatments or Ayurvedic that acts very effectively against Menometrorrhagia. Some of the natural and popular effective remedies are as follows-

  • Much Ayurvedic like Saraca Indica, Symplocos racemose, etc. if used for a long period you can gradually recover from this problem. This Ayurvedic doesn’t have any side effect.
  • Fenugreek water is also a great remedy for menstrual problems. It alleviates menstrual cramps and decreases menstrual bleeding.
  • Another procedure that you can follow is boiling fresh parsley leaves into water and drinking them three times a day for the first three days. It will help to avoid and recover menstrual problem.
  • Rosehip tea is also another natural remedy for If you drink two cups of rosehip tea every day, then you will have normal menstrual at regular interval. It’s also rich in flavonoids. Also in vitamin C.
  • Pasting pomegranate leaves with seven pieces of rice grains is also another good remedy for a heavy menstrual patient. If you drink the paste twice daily for about a month, then everything will get under control soon.
  • If you want to regulate your menstruation and luteinize your hormones, you can try medicinal flower marigold herbal remedy. This acupuncture works great for menstrual abnormality.

These simple and easy herbal treatments are of great use. But after trying it at home, if you see no quick recovery or development to your menstrual problem should take proper medication after having proper detailed diagnoses.


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