The UltraMetabolism Diet – A Healthy Way to Beat the Pounds?

UltraMetabolism Diet

In his book, “UltraMetabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss,” author Dr. Mark Hyman explains that the secret to ultimate weight loss is consuming healthy, whole foods and avoiding foods that can cause you allergies. Dr. Hyman states that a good diet plan should be able to control appetite, reduce stress, improve body functions and prevent cellular decay.

What You Can Eat

With the UltraMetabolism diet’s emphasis on eating the right foods, the goal is not just weight loss, but also a generally improved life, free from toxins that cause cancer, liver and digestion problems, and sleep disorders. Weight loss is the only cure for sleep apnea that does not involve a dangerous surgery. (Learn more about Sleep Apnea by following CPAP Guide on Twitter.)

It promotes changing your eating habits which starts with purging your fridge and cupboards of foods that contain sugar, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, refined grains, caffeine, and alcohol. You should then substitute your old grocery list with unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, pesticide free foods, nuts, whole grains and lean meat, poultry and fish.

He emphasizes that there is really no need to control portions because as long as you eat a variety of healthy, unprocessed foods, your cravings are minimized, and therefore, overheating is prevented.

The Two Phases

Phase 1 of his UltraMetabolism diet is all about detoxifying the body by eating only whole foods, no processed foods and dairy and refined grains for 3 weeks. The goal here is to eliminate from your diet, foods that can cause you allergies which lead to migraines and feelings of over fatigue.

Phase 2 of the UltraMetabolism diet is an overhaul of eating habits, where foods are reintroduced into the diet slowly and foods that affect the body negatively are eliminated. Although caffeine and alcohol are not encouraged, an occasional alcoholic drink or a daily half cup of coffee are permitted, until these habits are replaced by healthier ones such as drinking green tea.

Dr. Hyman also suggests eating every 3 hours to overcome the feeling of hunger and improve your metabolism, but no food should be eaten 3 hours before bedtime. He recommends taking supplements that complement the changes in one’s diet and aid in improving metabolism.

What Experts Say About the UltraMetabolism Diet

Most nutrition and diet experts agree with Dr. Hyman’s suggestion of eating healthier, unprocessed foods, exercising regularly and living a stress-free life to achieve weight loss, as these principles are supported by scientific evidence. Some would, however caution readers to exercise portion controls, contrary to what Dr. Hyman says, because many believe that any food (even whole foods) taken in excess can trigger weight gain.

If you want to try the UltraMetabolism diet, you should follow its principle of eating the right foods, doing regular exercise and living a stress-free life. The choice of foods in this diet is far healthier than other diets, but it is still best to stick to portion controls to avoid weight gain. Most experts also say that taking in supplements daily is not that essential for weight loss, because if the diet is already rich in nutrients, then the only supplement required is a daily dose of multivitamins.

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