Why you should use a runner belt for off track races

As far as I am concerned, there is a runner belt for every occasion, and off track races are no exception. Although I like to travel light while competing in 5kg off track races – I’ve found that using a runner belt gives me that extra support I need while getting through these tough events.

Although I find myself spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a runner belt or runners hydration belt, I do prefer the thinner, lightweight belts used for such long distance off track races – I find that something similar to the race belts found on Fitletic’s site, are more than adequate in doing the job for me. 

As a long time runner, I know that there is a lot of preparation that goes into running a good race – finish first or second or third, what counts to me is that I run a good clean race, with minimal impact to my health and a reasonable recover time between races. It’s easy to ignore the very simple yet vital items needed to prepare for a long distance run.

Check list for long distance off track races

  1. Mental preparation

It almost goes without saying that mental preparation before such a physically and mentally draining race, should be at the very top of your list. I personally like to meditate for 25 minutes approximately. Apart from lowering my heart rate and clearing my mind of unwanted thoughts such as self-doubt or anxiety – medication helps me to mentally envision my performance. 

  1. Physical preparation

This could be from a warm up, to a muscle rub, or stretches. Apart from the usual physical preparation that almost every runner does without thought – I like to ensure that I am properly covered in all physical aspects. I race in the summer, so I make sure to literally slather my body in sun screen – don a comfortable cap and my sports shades. Shoes of course play an important role in your performance, but selecting and testing the right pair for you should be done way ahead of a big race. 

  1. Hydration techniques

Of course runners need to keep themselves adequately hydrated – and where there are no “pit stops” or extra hydration offered en route; then it’s time to think smart. I always make sure to hold x 4 125ml bottles of water with me before any race over 2km. Holding anything during my run is a big NO – as it always sets me off balance and slows me down. Having my runner belt which easily holds my 4 clip on bottles – does wonders for my performance.  With shorter runs, I prefer a pocket belt that helps me hold my every day personal items such as wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. 

Selecting the right runner belt for you 

There are literally dozens of designs out there for you to choose from – offering you options for every need from a simple water belt to a race belt. Whether you prefer the ultra-light weight running pouch for long runs or the more spacious multi pocket sports belt for city runs/ track runs, you and your run are sure to benefit from these handy and performance enhancing belts.

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