Is Vaping safe when you are pregnant?

Smoking is a dangerous vice, but unfortunately it is hard to give it up. However, in some cases you might need to do that. For example, if you are pregnant, smoking is definitely harmful and you do not want to put your child at risk. In this situation, vaping can because a serious alternative, but is it really safe?

Unfortunately, there aren’t studies about this since this would mean intentionally exposing pregnant woman. So far we do know that nicotine is dangerous for the unborn child and e-cigarette vapours do contain nicotine. Here are some of the risks that exist.

The vapours can affect the baby

The unborn child can be affected if the mother vapes during the pregnancy. While there are not many studies that focus on vaping we do know that second-hand smoking can be very dangerous for the fetus. In many cases nicotine can lead to pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and other breathing problems.

Since vaping also has nicotine, there is a big chance that it shouldn’t be done by pregnant woman. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that vaping is a bit safer than smoking, but that does not mean that it is recommended.

The second-hand vapour can also affect the baby if you vape around your baby after he is already born. Obviously, the same thing goes for cigarettes or any other product that contains nicotine. Nevertheless, vaping does not equal smoking, which means that the emitted substances are different.

For example, the main base in the e-liquid is vegetable glycerine that is certified and pharmaceutically graded. Propylene glycol is also used, and this element is completely harmless and it is also used for asthma inhalers.  Finally, there is nicotine, but there are also vapers that do not use nicotine as an ingredient.

Meanwhile, cigarettes have plenty of harmful substance such as benzene, a chemical that damages the bone marrow and reduces the number of blood cells, chromium, a substance that increases the risk of nasal, sinus and lung cancer and polonium, a chemical that caused more than 80 to 100 rads radiation in the lung tissue for smokers that have died of lung cancer.


Even if you already gave birth to your child, this does not mean that you can start vaping right away. Your breast milk can also be affected by nicotine, which means that it can also be unsafe for your child. It appears that nicotine also affects the lactation process.

Nevertheless, there is also another alternative, and you could get vape juice without nicotine. This can be found on MigVapor. This way, you should be able to continue vaping without exposing yourself and the child to nicotine.

It appears that breast milk will also contain nicotine and its level will be the highest an hour after you smoke the last cigarette. Various studies have discovered that breast milk that contains nicotine will affect the child and it can make the baby have difficulties with sleeping.

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