Want a Stunningly Slim Face? Here is How To:

How do they do it, the celebrities, and the superstars, the models? How do they achieve and maintain those stunningly slim and beautiful faces all year round? I bet you want that too, especially if you have round full face.

At Well Massive, our goal is your fitness and beauty, so today, we teach you to get that slim, distinctive face you long for.  The tips we have for you are not as arduous as you might think, but they are very effective.

Straighten Your Posture

You may be surprised to know that your posture might affect your face. A stooping posture will create an impression of double chin and fat face because the available fat will simply shift to the comfortable position available. It can also make the face appear fatter by pushing the chin and neck down. This is probably one of the reasons why your grandma insists you should always sit up and stand straight!

To avoid this,

  • Change your posture by sitting, standing and even walking straighter without stooping or slouching.
  • There are certain exercises that can also help you straighten your posture and you might want to try those too.
  • Ever tried breathing deeply when you are slouching? It is near impossible because to fill your lungs with air, you need to straighten up. Therefore try to breathe deeply as often as possible for then it will be difficult to stoop.
  • You may not always remember, but it is pertinent to remind yourself as often as possible to hold yourself up, head, eyes and chin up, shoulders held back.

So come on, improve your posture, not just for confidence and elegance but also to achieve that slimmer face.

Facial Exercises

To reduce your facial fat and achieve that trim face, you need to carry out some exercises that will be concentrated on the face alone since we are told that the face harbors about 50 muscles. However, facial exercises need to work in conjunction with the other routines.

  • There is the facial yoga that helps you trim the facial fat and keeps you looking younger.
  • Chewing bubble gums or ordinary chewing gums is a good way of exercising the facial muscles. For health reasons, go for sugar-free gums.
  • Saying ‘X’ and ‘O’ repeatedly causes facial contractions and muscle movement. So also does opening the mouth as wide and round as possible form a pattern of exercise for the face. Repeat these as often as possible through the day.
  • Close your lips, then move them to either side of the face as many times as you can throughout the day.

These facial exercises help to tighten, lift and even shorten flabby facial muscles when done consistently and conscientiously.

General Exercises

To gain a slimmer face like the models you see on the runway, you need to also do further exercises that will help trim your body fat. Once the rest of the body is fat, the face will follow suit, naturally. But when you lose some pounds, it also shows on the face; the cheeckbones become more prominent, the excess fat on the chin begins to disappear and your face begins to slim down noticeably.

Therefore, exercising your whole body is important because those exercises work on your facial muscles too.  In addition, engage in physical activities as often as possible like walking, biking, running, then, increase the routine as you progress.

Healthy Diet

We believes that you are what you eat. Eating junk foods filled with unhealthy elements does no one any good. Some of the things we eat are detrimental to our health, some of them help accumulate fat on the body, face inclusive.

Eat healthy. Limit the intake of calories, excess sugar, fatty food, salt, and of course, alcohol. Instead, eat food rich in fiber, eat vegetables, and drink lots of water to flush out toxins in the body. In addition, when your diet is well balanced, you are healthy, fit and trim around the face and every other part of the body.

Get a Massage

Massaging the face relaxes the body as well as help slim down your face. Using massaging oils like almond, concentrate on those areas where the facial fat accumulates like your cheeks and chin. Massage leaves you feeling more beautiful and relaxed.  


In the meantime, while waiting for the above regimens to take effect on your face, we recommend the use of some make up tricks as an art to achieve a slimmer face and disguise the excess fat. For instance, you can use contouring to make the face appear slimmer, use concealers to cover the prominent areas like under the eyes, use a lighter shades of lipstick to make the face look snug and slim. However, you should be careful not to overdo it for that can cause more harm than good on your general appearance.

Achieving a stunningly slim face is not just something you should desire, it is something you can achieve if you just follow these tips.

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