Want to Get a HGH Prescription by a Doctor? These Are the Steps to Follow

The reason why the HGH therapy has been popular lately is because its purpose has been abused for unreal purposes. We all do know about the importance of the human growth hormone for the overall development of the human body, however, when the natural production of this same hormone ceases slowly, the problems start.

What is even a bigger problem is prescribing this HGH by a doctor for unreal purposes. More exactly, this therapy has been abused by people and doctors who are prescribing it for purposes other than short build in kids (thus helping them to reach their ideal tallness), or HG deficiency in adults, which are the true cases for HGH prescription.

As it was mentioned before, many sportspersons are reported to have been abusing this HG hormone in order to increase their presentation in the sport show. Such use of the growth hormone is not only illegal and succumbs to criminal charges, but its use is also hazardous. A real, true doctor won’t prescribe such a therapy for unreal purposes, but would rather make the patient to undergo a range of medical tests in order to verify the real reason for HGH intake.

Buying this hormone dishonestly is a risky and dangerous act. Note that, using the growth hormone for purposes other than real deficiency is not worth putting your body in such a risk. Moreover, you may earn a criminal record or incarceration for sure.

What you should do to get a permission to use human growth hormone therapy lawfully and securely!

HGH is prescribed by a doctor if you are diagnosed with provable deficiency, in which case the diagnose is obtained by number of medical tests. This hormone has intense effect on the excellence of life a person who is suffering from this deficiency.

And, living with the symptoms of HGH deficiency is like someone is robbing you of your own life, of your own efficiency and pleasures, but what you feel is pains and insomnia, muscle and bone malfunction, lack of energy, weight gain, early aging, hair loss and even diminished libido. All these symptoms do mean a battle with yourself.

If you are facing all these symptoms, then you must know how to look for the right choice and you need to know what to do. In this case, you should learn how to get this therapy legally and safely prescribed. First, you need to find a doctor, not just any doctor, but the one who has focussed in hormone replacement and who has got a license for this practise.

Second, it also means that a such doctor won’t prescribe this hormone to every single person who asks for it, but would rather check if there is a factual physical must for this hormone, based upon blood check and some other formalities that require you to fill an online medical history questionnaire. If the HGH deficiency is claimed, then it will be made possible for you to purchase HGH from licensed US pharmacy.

Not every doctor is the right doctor to prescribe HGH! Find the right one!

People suffering from HGH insufficiency are fighting a serous battle with their own bodies. A body deficient in HGH neither feel nor looks the way it felt or looked as in its youth.  If you believe that you are HGH deficient, the first step is to find the right doctor.

When it comes to the symptoms, they just get worse as the time goes by, especially when a step is not taken in order to ‘fix’ them. And finding the right doctor means that you are half way there.

The feeling of extreme tiredness, failure in whatever you undertake are bound to happen when you are HGH deficient. Failing to perform at work may put your job place under a question mark and it is such a pity to experience that feeling of being not able to fulfil your duties at work, among other problems.

How are the prices of the HGH therapy products determined according to their type?

Let’s solve the dilemma! Many people are wondering about HGH therapy products whose prices are not determined well online. The HGH products like pills, sprays or drops, whose prices are given online have a set dosage. It is kind of therapy made to fit everyone, but these supplements do not make changes in the body, however if you are taking some of these, then you may feel minor change of feeling as a result of the amino acids present in these products.

 The deficiency of the HGH just like any other deficiency is individual. Two bodies can’t lack the same amount of this hormone and that is why you need to undergo medical tests to see how much you are deficient in HGH. That also means that these standard supplements sold online won’t do you any good without checking what is the right dosage for you, prescribed by a licensed doctor specialized in hormone replacement.

 Second, the prices of the HGH injections are not differentiated according to the companies that produce them in variety of forms.  For example, the Genotropin HGH injections, produced by Pfizer, have three different injectable options- premeasured  disposable syringes suitable for traveling, injections with a needle guard and a display to adjust the dose, or a standard syringe system. Each of these injections types has its own price, with a dose set by a licensed doctor. By taking these steps, this therapy is real and helps you change your life in a new, positive direction –  with more energy, less weight gain, improved vitality and muscle mass and well-being in body and mind.


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