Want To Lose Weight On HGH Injections? – Read This NOW!

hgh injections

The mission to find as easy solution as possible in order to lose weight has become meaningless and unthinkable recently, one may say. We may say that people are no more patient to lose weight naturally and they are not persistent in what they do in order to feel and look better.

Where are the limits of our desires if one thinks that a synthetic human growth hormone (HDH) in pills, powders and injections can help them cut down on their weight quickly and efficiently?

However, we cannot deny the truth that one of the first signs that we are deficient on this human growth hormone are the excessive fat. There should be said a lot about the misleading opinion that losing weight was never easier with these HGH injections that would play the role of the natural HGH hormone. Yes, it is now time to face it once for all and hope never more that you could ever possibly lose weight on HDH injections!

The deficiency of the human growth hormone is caused by variety of illnesses, injuries or various progressive psychological conditions. The cellular, organic and systemic malfunction as a result of different conditions, results in HGH deficiency, but the metabolic malfunction makes it impossible for us to burn the excessive fat supplies. 

Thus, that is why this doctor monitored therapy with HGH injections is set for patients whose natural HGH production has been put out of order due to illnesses, injuries and other serious conditions. So, if you are diagnosed with such disorder, the hope that you will lose weight on HGH injections are just a misleading therapy.

Why is this so?

Firstly, number of other symptoms are associated with the lack of this hormone such as: lacking energy to go through the day, stamina, being mildly moody or depressed, weaker immune system, weaker cognitive skills, lack of sex desire, insomnia and etc.

Having excessive weight is simply not a reason enough for you to be diagnosed with HGH deficiency, let alone be prescribed these injections in fighting the kilograms. Simply, for an experienced doctor prescribing this kind of therapy for such, not even medicinal purposes, is a failed, illegal therapy. In other words, this therapy is legally prescribed for a strong and verified medicinal condition, not connected with weight loss.

Is there a standard HGH dose for weight loss?

Simply and clearly- NO, THERE ISN’T! Because it is not the right dosage, (nor the right way) someone to be given a HGH injections just for the sake of weight loss! If it is determined that HGH injections are really necessary for your health (not necessarily for the sake of weight loss), then the right dosage would depend on the extent of this growth hormone loss.

In order to find out how much you are deficient on this growth hormone you need to test your blood and to measure the Internal Growth Factor (IGF), which is the way most reliable to determine the HGH deficiency – and that would be the ideal dose for a patient.

Moreover, not only IGF is taken into consideration, but the age, weight, medical history, are crucial into providing the ideal dosage by the hormone doctors so they make it sure any possible side effects are avoided. Simply, there is not a magical way you can ever lose weight that easily and in a fake way.

How do we know the dosage is right?

The weight gain may depend on how much stress you are exposed to, lazy metabolic rate, insomnia, lack of energy and exercise, so how is that the HGH injections dosages are standard for every patient.

 If you get the right HGH dose you will feel the improvement of your condition as a whole and the above mentioned symptoms will be eliminated, not only the target to lose weight, because that is not the natural way how these injections help us.

What is a legal HGH injections prescription?

A legal prescription of the HGH injection is the one that follows medical and legal guidelines that determine the proper use of this hormone replacement and the hormone doctor who will not properly prescribe the HGH dosage is a subject to prosecution.

We must admit that anti-aging clinics may be the ones that issue such prescriptions which significantly violates the guidelines by the federal regulators- which again is a subject to prosecution.

The fake prescriptions of growth hormone will not make any major benefits, if you are not deficient in this hormone, let alone the weight loss. The only true way to lose weight is to practice healthy eating habits and a proper diet plan.

We cannot deny that the making of the bio-identical human growth hormone was revolutionary for many patients in need. It came as a relief with number of medical and health gains, for example the weight loss, but that doesn’t mean that the creation of HGH is the new revolutionary weight loss formula.

The HGH creation is more than that, it is a creation for better life for the legitimate patients. The HGH injection therapy is suitable for patients diagnosed with specific hormone disorder. Being fat and having a hormone disorder is not the same.

It has been agreed that if benefits people who take HGH injection in a way that it helps them lose weight fast, but that is not the sole purpose of this therapy.

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