Water Bongs: Source of an Enjoyable Smoking

Bong is a filtration device that is used for smoking tobacco, cannabis or other herbal substances. It one of the most common forms of consuming drugs like marijuana, cannabis, tobacco, especially dried flower. It is also known as a water pipe. However, sometimes this tool is referred by some slang terms such as Bing, Binger, Billy and much more.

The word “bong” has derived from a Thai word called “baung”. Baung refers to a bamboo made round wooden tube. After a huge modification, the baung becomes a tool of cylindrical smoking pipe named bong.

Anatomy of the Different Parts of Bong:

According to Head Shop Headquarters, there are five different parts in a standard bong. Peek below to know more about each part of it. 

  1. Bowl:

The bowl is a bulbaceous attachment to a bong. It is used to load and combust the dried cannabis flower. Few machines may have a removable bowl that allows you some extra advantages.

  1. Carb:

Carb is the short form of the carburetor. The carburetor is a small hole that is used to clear smoke from the whole chamber. The carb will expose only when the bowl is removed. The glass bongs contain the most common type of carb.

  1. Downstem:

The downstem is a small tube by which the smoke can travel from the bowl to base. The smoke is filtrate in the base through the water.

  1. Base:

The base is the bottom of a bong. You will find different types of the base with varieties shapes and styles. The size and design of a base vary from the brand by brand. The base is used to cool down the smoke by creating a water chamber in it. The smoke passes through the water and becomes cool. You can also use ice to make the smoke cool faster. Ice can also make your smoke extra smoother.

  1. Tube:

The tube is a chamber that fills with smoke after filtering by water. This chamber ends in the mouthpiece. Sometimes, an ice pinch is also used in the tube design.

These are the basic parts of a bong. You will find these parts with various color, design and shapes. Sometimes the downstem can be replaced with varieties of the percolator. 

How a bong works:

Every smoke lover may want to know the magic behind a bong. Actually, the magic behind a bong is very cool. This is a magic of science. Let’s find out what makes a bong that special.

The working process of a bong starts when you light the herb. The herb is being packed into a bowl and began to inhale. This starts a flow of air through the bong make this airflow starts to bubble the water of the reservoir that locates at the bottom of a bong. When the bud is being surrounded by oxygen, the airflow makes combustion to burn the bud. Besides this process, it will immediately pull down the smoke into the water.

After that, the whole smoke passes through the water. This part is the most important one. The water will purify the smoke in this step. All sorts of toxins and particulates are filtered out to purify the smoke. The Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main element that can do this purifying task. As Tetrahydrocannabinol has an extremely low solubility in water, some good stuff also passes by through the chamber. However, this purified smoke will travel up into the water in this step.

Once the chamber is totally filled with pure smoke, it is the high time to remove the bowl. Now, this smoke is ready to take. The rush in of this smoke depends on the pressure of external air. If the outside temperature is quite higher, then the smoke of internal bong will shoot into the smoker’s lungs with higher speed and vice versa. However, every smoker loves the higher speed of smoke! Isn’t it? 

Benefits of using a Bong:

There are plenty methods of smoking. Among them, the bong is the safest and popular way to inhale the smoke. Few benefits of bong are given below.

  • You will get a bigger “hit” of smoke with a bong than other methods.
  • As the water cools down the smoke, so it is much safer to consume that smoke.
  • The smoke is of a bong is almost 99.99% pure. The water traps the water-soluble molecules, toxins and other heavier particles from the airway. That’s how you will get a clean and smooth smoke into your lungs.
  • Bong can evaporate more smoke per square inch than other methods. So, you will get more smoke while you inhale smoke with a bong. 

As a final thought

OK, enough reading for now! Now it’s time to take a smoke hit. As you know the science behind a bong, hope that your smoking will be more enjoyable from today! May I know what your most favorite bong style is? Feel free to comment if you have any further query. Smoke with pleasure! 

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