Wedding Photography: Hire the best or go home

Engaged for several years, and the day is finally set in stone. The event itself is memorable however, what makes it even more so is doing whatever it takes to having the memories captured. After all, you would want to look back many years into the marriage and remember the fateful day when you and your partner decided to be together. 

About to be wedded couples spare no expense in preparing for their wedding day. But the challenge is weighing on items which should have a bigger or lesser budget. Our suggestion, put photography on the list of things with a higher budget. Often enough, couples try to save money by hiring a friend who just started photography to do their wedding. Huge mistake.

Here’s why:

  • Professional photographers have invested in expensive equipment making the details crisp and even more beautiful. It’s as if you’ll be able to see the colours of all the flowers and remember your guest’s dresses. Even see the place from a different perspective. Not to mention they’ll have backup equipment of everything just in case. Back up cameras, batteries, flash. etc.
  • Hiring the best means they have so much experience with hundreds of weddings that they’ll be able to predict the shot before it happens. Making sure all the dramatic moments are captured and not missed. Having been in multiple weddings also mean they have worked on any time of the day, they already know how to play with ambient and artificial light.
  • If something goes wrong and you didn’t get the shots you wanted, you would want to be able to tell your photographer you’re not satisfied and ask for a refund. Therefore, not ruining your relationship with a friend. Hopefully this does not happen. Hiring a professional means business is business, and it should be understandable that you get what you pay for. Hiring a friend on the other hand would prove difficult to tell them their shots were unsatisfactory.
  • A professional wedding photographer is bound by contract. Plus, he does this for a living as opposed to a friend who does not. You can expect he will show up on your wedding day. In the event that he won’t be able to, professional photographers have a network of other photographers who they can ask or recommend as replacement.
  • Because you’ve hired a professional, means you also get professional work. As one wedding planner puts it “The flowers, the cake, they’re all going to go away. But not great photography.”. Also, a professional makes a cheap wedding look grand versus an amateur who makes an expensive wedding look cheap. Between the two, the former is an easy pick. 

Ultimately, hiring a wedding photographer means you’re hiring a specialist. There are many wedding photography and video packages. You could hire a photographer but you would want someone who really specializes in weddings. A studio photographer may be experienced but nothing compares to someone who’s had hundreds of hours on the field. Let the professionals worry about capturing the moments right. You just have to live in them and enjoy the day.

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