What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Therapy?

Inversion therapy by definition is basically a technique whereby an individual’s body is suspended upside down in order to help with the stretching and relieving of back pain. The theory that is normally applied is that by doing this, its helps with the shifting of the body’s gravity as pressure eases off one’s back while at the same time providing traction for the spine. Hence,. This form of therapy may be very beneficial to individuals suffering from chronic back lower back pain, sciatica, scoliosis and poor circulation. Some benefits of inversion therapy include:

Helps Reduce Back Pain

Back pain may be a nuisance and one may end up not functioning properly due to it. Hence, one may easily be able to have it reduced by using inversion therapy as it helps stretch out one’s back and as the same time improve one’s flexibility in the torso and strength as well.

Improves Spinal Health

In addition, inversion therapy has also been able to help improve the space found between the spinal disks and relive pressure. Some activities such as sitting, bending and running may actually put pressure on these discs which may end up not being healthy to one’s back. The pressure may aid in the risk of one having a collapsed vertebra, back pain among many other issues that may end up arising. Hence, practicing inversion therapy has proven for some patients to actually be very beneficial and helpful in the treatment to aid with back pain.

Increases Flexibility

The fact that one normally has to stretch their back in order for them to actually get the treatment also help as one is able to improve their flexibility at the same time which is a good thing. Micro movements in the spine over a period may actually end up helping the body remain stronger. Nevertheless, inversion therapy has also been believed to improve one’s body posture, which is very essential. This is actually very helpful in the event that one may have a desk job which requires them to sit for long hours.

Reduces Need for Surgery

Nonetheless, one may also like to know that inversion therapy has been known to help reduce compression and disability from back related problems. This may actually help with the reduction of one needing a back surgery which may end up causing more harm than good to an individual.

In summary, this is not a guarantee that the best inversion tables will be able to assist one with their back problems. Before one embarks on inversion therapy, it is mandatory to actually see a doctor for them to be able to give one the go ahead with regard to the treatment as it may end up causing more harm than good for some individuals. Hence, always consult a medical practitioner before embarking on this therapy.

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