Where to Find Low-Priced Insulin

Insulin is one of the top 10 the most common drugs in the world. In the world more than 422 million of people are diabetics. It’s more than 8.6% of the whole world population.

Diabetes is an incurable disease, in which the pancreas cannot synthesize insulin or produce it too little. Human organism is not able to degrade sugars, and it can be the cause of such different serious problems with health like stroke, cardiovascular diseases, foot ulcers, thrombosis, and kidney failure. If not treated, it can be even lethal.

Life with diabetes isn’t simple. But in the USA it’s even harder, than in other states. Why so? The answer is that the prices of insulin are extremely high. One pen of insulin costs some about 50 dollars. In average diabetic uses 8 pens per month. It means that he spent about 400 dollars per month just on insulin and not including other medicine.

Why insulin is so expensive in the USA?

The main reason for that insulin price is its method of production. US insulin is synthesized by special bacteria with human gene inside. It’s called recombinant DNA technology. At the result pharmacies get human insulin analogue which is as close to real hormone for its structure as possible. This process takes much time, so the received hormone costs a lot.

But in the rest of the world insulin is derived from cattle pancreas. Its chemical structure doesn’t change, so the process of hormone obtaining costs a few times less. At least 30 years ago US pharmaceutical companies also used this method, but when recombinant technology become popular, all of them change the way to ‘more pure’. There are no companies that use older method of deriving insulin now in the USA. That’s why the price of this medicine is high.

How much is insulin in Canada worth?

In Canada things are much better, because of cattle insulin. One pen of Lantus costs around 20 bucks. That’s two times less, than in the USA.

And a little more numbers. 4800 dollars — that’s how much spends just one diabetic on insulin per year in the USA. But in Canada it would be just 2400 dollars. It means that you have a possibility to save a few thousand of your money.

Order your medicine in Canada and spend saved money on more pleasant things.

Is ordering insulin abroad legal and safe?

Buying medicine abroad is not prohibited by US law. Canadian legislation also allows to sell drugs abroad if there are not in the of ‘Prescription medicine list of Canada’. And insulin, of course, is not in this list.

But you don’t have to go in Canada to buy your drugs. Order it online and save your time! The plan of action is completely clear:

  1. Visit http://canadainsulinconnection.com. There you can find the most common insulin medicine. Check all of certificates to be sure in seller’s reliability.
  2. Click ‘Order online here’ button and fill the application form. You have to input your name, address, type of ordered medicine and its amount. We recommend you to order a few packs at once, because it would be delivered only in 1.5 months.
  3. Pay for your order with VISA or MasterCard and wait. That’s all. By the way, you can easily track, where your package is.

Life with diabetes can be better and cheaper. Do you believe in it? Order insulin from Canada and make sure of it on your own.

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