Why Unhealthy Eating and Bad Habits Are Damaging Your Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, eating whatever you want even while exercising on the day will not help you attain your dream body. No amount of exercise can eradicate the negative effects of a bad diet. In fact, unhealthy eating is counterproductive! What’s more, bad habits are just as much of a culprit to putting a stint in your progress. 

This is why unhealthy eating and bad habits are damaging to your workouts:

Wastes your time and effort

Unhealthy eating in conjunction with exercising is a waste of your time and effort. After putting all that hard work into the gym, you’re consuming food that is equivalent to what you were hoping to burn off or more! What’s more, if you are in the habit of unhealthily restricting your diet, such as following a low-carb diet, your body will turn to breaking down muscle tissue into amino acids to sustain energy and impede the development of muscle tone. However, bad habits aren’t just relative to your diet, actions such as drinking alcohol and smoking are bad habits that have a severe impact on your workouts and body. Alcohol is not only full of excess calories, consistent drinking can lead to permanent liver and pancreas damage, while smoking puts you at risk for suffering respiratory cancers and shortens your lifespan.

Hinders your ability to reach peak performance

During your intensive workouts, you can never reach peak performance or surpass current physical limitations without the proper fuel. When you choose to eat a clean meal, full of omega fatty acids and protein, for example, you replenish your body with the vitamins and nutrients necessary to recover, rebuild muscle tissue, and stay full. Junk food, on the other hand, may alleviate the appetite you have after a workout, but it will cause you to feel lazy, and sometimes, nauseous and upset your stomach.

Triggers disease and makes you more vulnerable to injury

Some of the main leading causes of death in the US are obesity and heart disease, both of which can be triggered by the excess consumption of processed food and sugar. Furthermore, all processed foods are manufactured with chemicals and ingredients that inherently cause inflammation within your gut and weaken your immune system. In addition, because the gut and body suffer inflammation from junk food, your body takes much longer to heal and rejuvenate itself. Furthermore, a nutrient-deficiency makes you more susceptible to experiencing an injury.

Reduces energy as opposed to increasing it

A cupcake or take-out meal can keep you up and run for an hour or two, but you ultimately always experience a hard crash after their effects wear off. Also, sodium and sugar inherently make you feel sluggish, low-energy, and fatigued. Evidently, you’re not going to feel motivated to go to the gym nor burn off the calories you just consumed. If you need sustain your energy over prolonged periods of time or need the energy to get through a workout, opt for increasing your protein intake and turn to complex carbohydrates instead.

Prevents you from accomplishing your body goals

Everyone has their own body goal: gaining more upper strength, defining legs, or getting lean in the abdomen. However, none of them can be accomplished if unhealthy food makes up the majority of their diet. While you gain muscle in the areas you wish to target while eating an unhealthy diet, they always lie behind a layer of fat, as opposed to muscle. Your body becomes used to storing fat as opposed to building muscle with the constant intake of unhealthy food, which also spikes up your insulin intake.

Therefore, in conclusion –

Eating unhealthy and bad habits are damaging to your workouts because they are counterproductive to fitness goals and overall harmful to your health. Being considerate with your diet should not be seen as a burden, but an action necessary to not only help your fitness goals but help contribute to your overall well-being. A healthy diet isn’t limited to the days you hit the gym; it should be consistent in your everyday life. Don’t believe any treatment myths or try to find an easy way to get fit! To get the body you want, you need to put in the hard work and overcome the emotional and physical challenges that are inherent in working to accomplish your goals.

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