Why You Should Eat Vegetables for Better Teeth

The oral health is the reflection of overall health, truly it reveals the hidden disease; dwelling inside the human body. Taking care of dental health is more important and a key to fighting many other diseases as well.

As the gingivitis can cause by hormonal imbalance, gastric problems, and even heart problems. Then again sometimes tooth decay becomes the cause of damaged heart valves.

Though healthy eating helps a lot for maintaining teeth like milk, bread, and other foods. But specifically, vegetables do produce magical effects for this reason they are considered as super foods.

Vegetable for teeth

Vegetables are blessed with the power to heal many chronic diseases as they have some hidden biochemical molecules that reduce the illness and give the body a powerful strength to heal on its own.

Basically, the teeth require vitamins, minerals, and amino acids at the same time. While only vegetables can offer this whole package at one place and one bite.

Some vegetables have minerals and vitamins that aid in proper growth and development of teeth in early phases, while after a certain age green leafy vegetables helps in maintaining proper oral hygiene too. In this case, vegetables like Onion, Celery, Carrots, Leafy Greens, Pepper, Broccoli, Spinach and Potatoes are essential.

While the vegetables are so important working for your better dental health, here are some more keen knowledge by Dentist Mosman.

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1.      Teeth require Nutrients

Teeth are living structure that grows, need oxygenated blood and nutrients. For the proper functional oral development of a tooth require nutrients such as Vitamins and Minerals. Hence, vegetables like spinach, celery, and broccoli offer calcium, magnesium, iron, and fluoride in a massive amount.

The vitamin C present in citrus fruits and herbs are necessary to gum health. Though this super food also contains antioxidants that reduce the chance of tooth decay and enhance immunity.

2.      To increase their Strength

The minerals present in leafy plants and root vegetables are an essential part of nutrients for teeth. As minerals such as calcium, phosphates, iron, fluorides, and magnesium produce strengthening power for teeth and gums.

3.      To kill germs and infections

Celery and various fresh green vegetables provide enough minerals to protect the teeth against any germ and infection. These minerals give a shielding effect while the antioxidants and vitamin increase the immune response to fight against infections.

Hence, if the teeth are strong itself with proper consumption of nutrients and minerals from bloodstream than the chances of cavities lessen by 80%. Same as this proper brushing and flossing are also necessary.

4.      Strengthen Gums

The gums are connective tissues of the oral compartment; holding the teeth in them. If it becomes loose or swollen then the teeth health disturbs a lot, while tooth extraction chances increase too.

 The vegetables have many hidden nutrients that secretly aid in proper tooth development. Though the healthy smile is the goal of every healthy person, hence other than medicines and highly dangerous chemicals, vegetables are nature’s gift.

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