World’s Largest Spice Company Will Go Organic & Non-GMO By 2016!


The Clean Food Movement has a great victory to share with all the people who want to eat and live health-wise and here it is:

The largest spice company in the world has revealed that it will go almost 100 percent organic and non-GMO by the end of the year 2016!  Due to the organic and non-GMO food expansion, companies such as Simply Organic have been able to take over green markets thanks to the encouragement of customers looking for cleaner, pesticide-free food options.

All the while, the McCormick Spice Company has maintained its ranking as the world’s largest company of this type. However, it is now making a step forward to go fully organic. And it certainly comes as a surprise to many “green companies” as this decision of the McCormick Spice Company is a serious threat for their established market share!

McCormick to officially go organic and GMO-free in due course

According to an article on the Food Dive’s website, the company has announced that a huge amount of its spices and herbs will be organic and non-GMO by the year 2016. In total, up to 80 percent of its products will meet the new, organic standards. The article reports that new labels will also “adorn” the old familiar McCormick packages, with over 70% of them expected to wave new “Non-GMO” labels.

Food Dive has also noted that many of the company’s herbs and spices are already GMO-free, but an increased transparency is expected to be “a selling bait” for many consumers as it has been for food products that have become Non-GMO Project Verified.

As announced by the McCormick Company, a new non-GMO vanilla extract will be soon introduced to the market (including numerous other organic spices and flavorings) to compete with its market rivals for the growing “organic dollar” U.S.–wide (and broader).

According to the news releases, the announcement comes ahead of the peak season of “homemades” and vacation season as well, when consumers’ usage of herbs, spices and vegetal extracts in favorite recipes is simply exploding!

Is McCormick a truly healthier option?


One may believe it or not, but numerous companies use a technique called irradiation in order to make spices “more safe” for the consumer. So, if you are buying from any “old” spice company, you are certainly putting yourselves at a higher risk of consuming irradiated spices.

Luckily, with announcements like the above one, people who wish to avoid irradiated spices will have greater healthier options. Simply Organic, Frontier, and other organic food brands are good “bets” according to a report from

Although McCormick has not gone organic “inside out” as yet, it is still another company that does not use irradiation. According to this article from Food Safety News, McCormick instead opts for steaming in order to preserve more of the health benefits of their spices (although some people say that it harms the taste more than radiation treatments).

While the McCormick Spice Company isn’t perfect in organic regard, you will agree they are admirable in taking these steps! The move is making them a potentially better “buy” than other similar brands in a “critical situation” when you cannot get to a real health food store.


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