Your Frame Of Mind Comes First

Being healthy is much more of a state of mind than it is about diet and exercise alone. Most of us know this instinctively and most people will recognize the truth of this statement in them. We’ve almost all been through periods where we really care about our health and are doing all the right things – then periods where maybe we don’t care too much or, worse, are completely despondent.

In extreme cases, despondency can cause us to do real harm to our bodies through alcohol abuse, smoking, eating too much of the wrong stuff – or taking too many drugs. But the other side of the same coin can be unhealthy, too; exercising frantically as we try to gain control over our lives in a manic way and extreme dieting isn’t great either.

In short, then, we need to get our minds right before embarking on any kind of regime, though it’s also true that the two things feed off each other when we’re in the right balance.

So how do you get in the right frame of mind? Well, this is different for all of us and is a tremendously complex area. But taking time out for quiet contemplation and calm will certainly help.

Different people achieve this in different ways. For some, an insightful third party can be invaluable. This may take the form of a close friend who doesn’t judge you, a counselor, or maybe even a psychic or clairvoyant at TheCircle, who will give you advice on what to focus on and where your opportunities lie currently and in the future. It’s about finding whatever works for you to make you feel like being healthy and eating healthily in the first place.

But it’s also about staying there. Far too many people yo-yo diet because their unsettled state of mind underlies and undermines their whole life – and they tend to go to unhealthy extremes.

Understanding oneself and remaining calm in the process is the key to lasting change. So whatever it takes to achieve a self-realization is the first step to changing, for the better, the way you think about yourself – and how you act. In this way, people can get the foundations right which, in turn, will lead to healthier nutritional choices. After all, if you understand and accept yourself for who you are with the kind of quirks and foibles we all have – why would you want to hurt that person by making harmful choices, yo-yo dieting – or an overly extreme diet and exercise regimen?

A good way to ensure lasting change is by religiously setting aside a time during each day or weekly etc., to pursue the activity or activities that help put you in the right place. This may be something like the afore-mentioned counseling etc., or it could be meditation, yoga, massage, prayer, or a combination of all these things. Ultimately, they all lead to the same place; calm acceptance and inner quiet. And getting this foundation right is the road to lasting change that will underpin a long-term healthy diet too.

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