Your Health Could Be In Danger If You Ignore a Pest Problem

If you have any sort of pest control problem in your home, the chances are that you’re probably feeling pretty annoyed and grossed out. Having pests in your home can make you feel uncomfortable and dirty. Unfortunately, having a pest infestation in your home can also lead to several different health risks for your family. If you have a severe pest infestation, it’s important to contact professional pest controllers. We’re going to look at a few health hazards that pests can expose your family to.

Asthma and Breathing Problems

Insect and rodent infestations are nasty and also a major health hazard. Those who suffer from allergies and asthma are particularly susceptible. Cockroaches for example have protein in the droppings and bodies that has been proven to trigger allergic reactions in certain individuals. This can then lead on to a severe, life-threatening asthma attack.

Even if no one in your home is currently suffering from respiratory issues, long-term exposure to pests can harm your lungs. As the infestation gets worse the chance of the pests causes harm increases. So having any sort of pest infestation is not only unsanitary, but it also has the potential to be dangerous as well.


Some pests bite and transmit diseases, whereas others can spread diseases through their droppings or when someone comes into contact with an infected surface. Diseases such as Hantavirus and Leptospirosis can be spread by pests, and these diseases all carry the possibility of death.

Bites and Rashes

When you have pests in your house such as bed bugs and fleas, it’s the bite you have to worry about. Having a pest bite you can cause rashes, scars and lesions, and can also have serious psychological effects.

When a pest bites it can cause an allergic reaction, and even cause severe and dangerous anaphylaxis in some people. As well as the physical aspects of having an infestation of insects such as fleas and bed bugs, it can also affect your mental health.

It’s always important to make sure all pest infestations in your home are taken care of as soon as they are spotted. Expert pest control teams in London that specialise in bed bug treatment should be called out to your home to take care of the problem. Don’t try to fix it yourself.

People who suffer with bed bug infestations often find themselves unable to sleep, and suffer from other mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. In many ways, this is a serious problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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