11 Health Benefit Of Coconut Water That You’ve Never Heard Of


Coconut, also known as the Tree of Life, is the fruit from palm trees and its existence dates from the ancient periods and we are sure that this plant is here to stay! It’s no wonder people refer to it as the Tree of Life, because of its fascinating looks and numerous benefits and healing properties.

Before we go further into the miraculous properties of this fascinating plant, let’s first get to know coconut in depth.

Introducing Coconut

Common Name: Coconut, Tree of Life

Scientific name: Cocos Nucifera

Coconut is a tropical fruit which nowadays people exploit it as much as possible, due to its healing properties. In the inside, or inside the hard shell, you can find oil, milk and the fruit itself or “the meat”.

It’s believed that this interesting-looking fruit was discovered by the Portuguese explorers, who went on the Indian islands right after Columbus did. They were mesmerized by the look of this fruit and the name “coco” was given to the plant or the “grinning face” of a monkey, this is mainly justified because of the three holes at coconut’s base, which may remind us of an animal’s face.

However, back then the coconut oil wasn’t a common sight and many people cherished it or even made its shell gold, as appreciation for its healing and “magical” properties. By the 19th century, everybody had to lay their hands on this amazing fruit and even the Western countries started to fill the market with this fruit.

Origin of Coconut     

coconutA fun fact about coconut seed is that it floats, meaning that its seed can travel many miles across the ocean and once it gets to a shore, it can grow. Amazingly as it may sound this is true for coconut seeds and it’s no wonder that plenty of palms are spotted near the shores of the tropical countries.

Its origin is believed to be in the islands of the south pacific, but nowadays, coconut is everywhere and enormous plantations are spotted across the world, including Thailand, India and Indonesia.

Making coconut growing as one of the leading money-provider for those areas. It’s only natural for the tropical countries to grow coconut, because the climate suits the fruit and its original place of growing, was in those countries.

Uses of Coconut


The quality of life mainly depends on the food and beverages we intake on a daily basis and people from the tropical countries have coconut milk, coconut oil or coconut water as a “good morning”.

In ancient times, coconut was valued for its healing properties as well as its miraculous powers it had, to keep the skin young and glowing. Coconut can be found in almost all beauty products as well as creams or lotions for skin problems or hair problems.

Some people choose to make the change by implementing coconut in their everyday diet and others choose to apply it directly on the body or face in order to get the wanted results. Coconut oil is extremely nutritive, due to the healthy fats it contains, and its consumption can contribute a lot in improving your health or boosting your metabolism.

Don’t let the expensive creams and lotions fool you, you can take full advantage of coconut oil and coconut water by just using them raw and even though there is no price to health, in this way you know that you are getting the real deal and for a less price than the one presented by the manufacturers.


There are so many things which one can discuss about coconut, however our focus here is mainly on coconut water and its great health benefits.

What is Coconut Water?benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is an extremely healthy drink which is found inside the young coconuts. How can I distinguish a young and a mature coconut fruit? Well, young coconuts are green and pretty much the same size as a basketball. Young coconuts are harvested after 5-6 months, in order to take full advantage of their healthy drink.

The coconut water is found inside the young coconut, but once it starts to mature, the coconut water becomes the coconut flesh or milk and it’s not as nutritive as the coconut water. It’s believed that coconut water is far beyond a healthy drink, it’s a miraculous drink which can heal a lot of diseases. You can also find coconut in the Sanskrit as the tree which provides everything necessary for life or “kalpa vriksha”.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

This healthy drink provides joy to many people who choose to put a straw and consume the water straight from the fruit. Due to its high electrolyte content, this healthy drink provides the proper hydration for your body and energy which will keep you active and vibrant throughout the day.

These benefits are probably due to the high nutritive value of coconut water. The coconut water, which is inside the coconut, is fat free, and contains 46 calories and 10 grams of natural sugar per cup. Moreover, it’s rich in powerful nutrients such as many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. The most valued ingredient in the coconut water is the potassium (12% DV).

Besides potassium, it also contains sodium, magnesium and calcium. A great health booster! Coconut water will also help you maintain the electrolyte levels and therefore contribute to a better heart health, blood volume and keep your body healthy and hydrated. Coconut water is also famous for reducing stress levels, fatigue and relaxes the muscles.

Benefits of Coconut Water

Here’s a list of 11 health benefits of coconut water:

1.Controls High Blood Pressure

coconut water benefits

Drinking fresh coconut water twice a day can help you lower your blood pressure and this is mainly due to the potassium presence. Potassium balances the negative effects of sodium and lowers your blood pressure. It is also rich in magnesium and vitamin C, other helpful ingredients in lowering blood pressure.

2. Hydrates the Body

Coconut water is the best way to go if you want to kill thirst. It contains so many nutritive components, which will leave you fresh, hydrated and full with energy. In fact, some studies have shown that coconut water can have the same effect as sports drinks.

3. Improves the Metabolism

Coconut water can help greatly in improving your metabolism and ease stomach problems such as indigestion or cramps. It also relaxes the stomach muscles and provides a better digestion.

4. Maintains a Healthy Body Weight

Coconut water is low in calories and like we’ve mentioned, it boosts the metabolism which is crucial for maintaining a healthy body weight. The presence of potassium is also crucial for controlling your weight, because potassium helps in balancing the negative effects of sodium, such as water retention. Water retention results in obesity or gaining weight.

coconut water

5. Regulates the Blood Sugar

Due to the dietary fiber and amino acids presence, coconut water helps in regulating the blood sugar as well as the insulin sensitivity. It’s a great choice for diabetics.

6. Balances the pH levels

Coconut water reduces the acidic pH levels as well as provides a better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Acidic pH can contribute to so many problems with health such as high blood pressure or immunity deficiency. Coconut water provides a healthy pH level in our bodies.

7. Anti-aging properties

Coconut water is also beneficial for the skin because of the cytokinins presence, a component which slows down aging. Coconut water makes your skin glowing and keeps you hydrated. It is extremely recommended for people who have dry skin, which is also a problem and enhances aging and the creation of wrinkles.

coconut water

8. Natural diuretic

Coconut water is great for urinary problems, because it promotes urine production and it cleanses the body from toxic materials. Coconut water is also helpful in dissolving some types of kidney stones and gets rid of them from the body. You can add a little bit of sea salt in your healthy drink and consume it twice a day for the best results.

9. Helps with Hangovers

Coconut water is great for hangovers. It prevents your body from getting dehydrated and makes you feel better and more energized. Too much alcohol can cause oxidative stress and increase the acidic pH level, however coconut water will work the other way around.

10. Treats headaches or migraines

Coconut water will help you fight headaches in a way that it will hydrate your body and provide you with enough potent nutrient which will fade the headaches away.

11. Promotes heart health


Coconut water provides your body with some cardio-protective benefits and helps you increase high-density lipoprotein, which is crucial for avoiding cardiovascular diseases. It protects the arteries from getting plugged and therefore prevents from heart attacks and strokes.


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