Mobile Homes: Their Features, Benefits, and All the Important Roofing Options

New architectural inventions are slowly paving their way into our everyday lives and habits. Living in a mobile home is one of them.

Mobile homes come with a lot of benefits and mobility is only one of the main and crucial ones. They are affordable, high-quality pre-manufactured, and flexible all together, something that cannot be easily achieved when living in a traditional permanent home.

Features of the Modern Mobile Home

Mobile homes or broadly known as “manufactured” homes are pre-made in a factory and most-commonly placed on a trailer chassis that enables them to be moved wherever and whenever you please. Or alternatively, they can be placed in a specially adapted area of land known as a mobile home park where multiple mobile homes are placed. This way, you are only paying rent for the leased land.

Advantages of Living in a Mobile Home

Mobile homes more than often come with a great and super-affordable pricing. They lack the need for expensive building materials and resources such as a time and a lot of hired people to build it. For the same amount of money that it would take to build a traditional home, you can double the square foot of a mobile home. Getting more space for the same amount of money sounds like a dream coming true, right?

Another key advantage is their flexibility and the reason why they are so desirable for many people out there. The ability to “pack your home” and leave is something every single person at least once in a lifetime have thought about. Now, with the mobile homes, this has turned into reality.

Mobile homes are durable, safe, and appropriate for harsh weather conditions. They are manufactured in highly-controlled conditions and under a lot of regulations meaning they are completely safe and can withstand even a hurricane. Impressive, right? The manufacturing process has evolved into a spotless one to satisfy every customer`s needs.

Mobile Home Construction

Mobile homes are created in a controlled environment, carefully assembled in a process called line process that is consisted of approximately twenty stations where professionals focus on a certain task.

One of the most important aspects of living in a mobile home is having a durable and high-quality roof that is able to withstand every possible weather situation such as harsh climate, pouring rain, and hurricanes. One of the best materials as a roofing option are the Galvanized Steel Sheets or PPGI meaning pre-painted galvanized iron. The main difference between these two is that the PPGI comes pre-painted before forming rather than after forming. In both cases, the galvanized steel is commonly defined as a carbon steel sheet that is coated with zinc on both sides with the usage of two main processes: continuous hot dipping and electro-galvanizing. The result of both of these processes is a layer of zinc over the steel tightly adhering through an iron-zinc bonding layer. This galvanization process with zinc is used mainly because it is the perfect way to protect the bare steel from a corroding environment (rusting).

Wait no more to feel the benefits of living in a not so traditional home. Take the time to think about choosing the right type of materials nevertheless if you are ordering a pre-manufactured mobile home, customizing one, or if you choose building mobile home with galvanized steel coil. If you lack the information about all the variety of roofing options, you can visit where you can get a glimpse of everything you need so you can choose according to your needs. Feel the ability to be free and flexible even when it comes to having a home!

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