6 Health Benefits Of Onion And Honey Mixture And Why It Is So Powerful?

April 4, 2022 • By Sophia Smith
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health benefits of onion and honey

Why Are Onion And Honey Good For Your Health?

Onion and honey are powerful superfoods that are very healthy and have been used as home remedies since ancient times. Let's see some of their benefits for your overall health. 

Onion Health Benefits

Onion is a vegetable species that belongs to the family genus allium and is similar to aromatic bulbs like garlic, leeks, chives, and shallots. It contains many vitamins, minerals, and many other compounds that are very beneficial and good for your health.

Since ancient times, onions have been recognized for their health benefits in treating mouth sores, heart diseases, and headaches. Ancient Romans and Greeks and Romans believed that it would impact their strength and were often consumed by gladiators. This doesn't come with a surprise as onions are packed with vitamins and nutrients like:

  • Manganese
  • B vitamins ( including folate and B6)
  • Vitamin C ( boosts immune system and iron absorption)
  • Biotin
  • Copper
  • Potassium
  • Selenium

This vegetable is rich in vitamin C and is great for boosting immunity and iron absorption. The B vitamins play a key role in blood cell production and nerve functions. (1)

Being  packed with many nutrients and vitamins, it can also:

  • Fight cancer thanks to its sulfur compounds and flavonoid antioxidants found in all allium vegetables (2)
  • Boost bone density and prevent osteoporosis, as shown in studies (3)
  • Improve the metabolic functions and it is a food rich in prebiotics, and it is good to strengthen the gut health
  • It May benefit blood sugar control and it is confirmed in some animal studies, but additional research is needed. (4)

Honey Health Benefits

Honey is a golden liquid that can be helpful in a variety of health issues and even people in ancient civilizations were aware of its benefits as it is packed with many nutrients and antioxidants, including phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Honey may:

  • It soothes your cough, and it is more useful compared to the common cough medications (5)
  • Being antiseptic, it can heal your wounds
  • It boosts your immune system, and it is advisable to eat it early in the morning or after a workout to get extra energy
  • Honey may promote weight loss, and it is quite helpful when consumed on an empty stomach in the morning
  • Honey can give you needed energy for the day as it is an unprocessed raw sugar
  • Honey may improve your heart health, regulate the heartbeat, and may lower blood pressure (6)
  • Honey is especially useful for dry skin, and it is very easy to apply it to smooth it and nourishes  it

Health Benefits Of Honey Onion Mixture

We have already said some of the health benefits of onion and honey. They are both superfoods that can improve your health in numerous ways. When combined they can:

  1. Promote weight loss and burn belly fat

One of the best and most effective ways to burn fat is to drink onion honey water on an empty stomach in the mornings.

  1. Promote hair growth and fights dandruff

It can rejuvenate the scalp and ensure hair growth in time. Its antioxidants can ensure premature greying. Honey can retain the water and can be an effective hair moisturizer and prevent it from breaking.

Honey and onion mixture is also an excellent and popular remedy for fighting dandruff.

Mix these two powerful ingredients and gently massage your scalps and hair roots and see how your hair and scalp regenerate in time.

  1. Can heal wounds and skin burns

You can apply this combination to your skin as a dressing, wait for 20 minutes, and wash off. You can use it three times per day. Both have antibacterial properties and a unique PH balance that increases oxygen and has healing properties.

  1. Act as antibiotics

Onion juice is perfect for fighting bacteria and you can use it for fighting dermal bacteria and skin infections. It can be applied to affected areas and let them dry. Some studies found that it can fight bacteria and prevent their growth. (7)

  1. It may prevent cancer and treats the after-effects of chemotherapy

This uniquely powerful combination is rich in antioxidants and can help the body to flush out toxins and fight against any foreign substances. It can also flush out all the chemotherapy residue and alleviate the mouth inflammation caused by chemotherapy treatment. (8

  1. Vitamin C promotes collagen formation and wrinkles reduction.

Onion And Honey For Cough

Onion and honey juice is an effective cough remedy, and it can soothe the irritated throat. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also alleviates the cough, thins the mucus, and is the easiest way to expel it from the respiratory tract.

How to prepare the onion juice for cough?


  1. 1 big sliced onion
  2. Two tablespoons of raw honey


  • Mix them well into a jar or glass bowl and cover the mixture with a lid. Let it infuse for half an hour at room temperature.
  • Take out the onion slices or press them with a spoon. The juice will come out.

This is a great remedy for children's cough, but it should not be given to babies under 1 year old.

For younger children, give 1 teaspoon, while for older children and adults 1 tablespoon every few hours.

Onion And Honey For Man's Health

Onions are potent aphrodisiacs and may increase the testosterone production in the body and increase the sperm amount for managing the man's infertility. They have been used throughout history to treat hypoactive sexual desire. In Ayurveda, onions are known for building sexual energy.

One study showed that onion water could increase testosterone production in rats and some other benefits for man's health. (9)

How Should You Take It?

  • You should mix 3 tbsp. of onion juice with ginger powder and 1 tbsp. honey and take it on a daily basis. It will considerably boost your libido.

You can even make a mixture of onion juice, ginger, garlic, and honey. They are all potent aphrodisiacs since both garlic and onion contain a powerful compound called allicin.

Onion And Honey For Weight Loss

Both ingredients are rich in antioxidants and this helps them boost metabolic function and prevent fat accumulation. Onions are very low in calories and are fat-free, and are great to be included in your everyday diet.

One study confirmed that it may help with lowering the cholesterol level maintain lipid status  due to its antioxidant status. (10)

How to make onion juice and honey mixture for weight loss?


  • 1 large onion
  • 1-2 tsp. of honey


  • Add chopped onions into a blender
  • Blend it well and strain it using a strainer
  • Mix it well with the honey
  • Now, it is ready to be consumed

You can drink it hot or cold. The drink can stay in a refrigerator for up to 3 days.

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