All you need to know about herbal abortion

December 14, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Nothing scares a couple more than an unwanted pregnancy. Even among all the cautions, there can be a chance of missing it, eventually leading to an unwanted pregnancy.  Both a couple or even an individual woman can be unprepared for it. Or it can be some medical conditions that would want you not to shoulder the responsibilities of life.

In all such scenarios, the last resort is abortion. Abortion is both painful and emotional. A woman has to undergo medications to hospitalization in some instances for an abortion. It’s scary and confusing, for some women fear it a lot. (1)

Abortion scenarios explained

Early abortion

Well, it’s kind of good if you get to know that you are pregnant and you don’t want it. The early it is better and easy. If it’s just a matter of few weeks taking pills for abortion is an easy way out. A gynecologist will write you medicines for aborting your pregnancy, and things will get back to normal in some time.

Late abortion

Some women get to know about their pregnancy late like maybe 4-5 weeks, or they couldn’t decide early enough to have the pregnancy or not. This uncertainty leads to growing complication in aborting the pregnancy. When it’s late in your pregnancy, your gynecologist may ask you to spend a couple of hours under supervision or may even take you in for a day to two. Late abortions are painful and take time to recover.

What is herbal abortion?

The usual abortion methods include drugs that have long side effects son your hormones and may lead to later complications. Herbal abortion, on the contrary, is a natural way of getting safely out of an unwanted pregnancy.

A herbal abortion procedure requires you to take naturally made herbal medicines that have almost negligible side effects and is made from 100% natural herbs. (2)

Benefits of herbal abortion

Unlike regular medical procedure that has complications, side effects and takes times to recover, herbal abortion process is simple and easy with following benefits

  • Made of natural herbs, so it has least side effects
  • No medical procedure to doctors visits, scans or surgeries required
  • Oral pills for consumption makes it convenient to take.
  • Readily available on a herbal store, no need for a prescription.

Herbal abortion method is seemingly more accepted since early medical days. It was a way to get over with an unwanted pregnancy in ancient times when medical science was not available. Although using herbs for a miscarriage may not give a sure guarantee of results unlike medical procedures that are for sure, still have a significant percentage.

But most medical professionals even those belonging go herbal science stream still believe that a woman must consult a gynecologist before taking any herbal products to abort the pregnancy. A psychological study of women mind during pregnancy reveals the compassionate side of being ‘not sure,’ ‘pregnancy scare’ and ‘panics,’ and probably this is the reason that a woman must consult and discuss and be firm on her decision to abort before anything else. 

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