Anal Itching Is No Fun, Learn What It Could Mean For Your Health

October 8, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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You might be familiar with the condition where your anal region has a consistent irritation and an urge to scratch becomes irresistible. While doing so might give you a temporary reprieve, it is always embarrassing especially if you have to scratch in public. There are numerous causes associated with this condition and treatments can vary as well. This article focuses on the deeper implications of the problem and how it relates to your health.

What specifically is anal itching?

An itchy bottom is scientifically defined as pruritus ani. While it can be referred to as the intense itching on the area around your anus there are several other terms used to define it. Such include; anal pruritus, perianal itching, anorectal itching, or itchy bottom. All are terms that you can find various medical professionals or the general public using when referring to the problem.

The anus has one major role which is to eliminate solid waste from the digestive system and body in general since it is located at the end of your gastrointestinal tract. When you experience an itch on the area, it is normally a symptom and not a disease. You might fail to consult your doctor due to the fact that such a condition is very embarrassing. You can look for a solution online. There are e-commerce stores for pruritus ani ointments such as Pranicura. Click here to check their website.

While the issue may begin as a minor irritation, when the cycle of scratching and itching continues you might develop a chronic medical condition. There are minor injuries induced on the skin as a result of uncontrolled scratching. You might notice this as an intense itch on the region especially when moisture builds up. You may then have to scratch yourself even more and further cause tiny but itchy injuries around the anus.

A more serious concern is the continuation of the itch-scratch cycle as you sleep. While you might be unaware of the harm you might be doing to yourself, the loose sleeping garments allow for an easier passage of your hand. Nighttime scratching can, as a result, lead to one waking up having more wounds around their anus or even shedding some blood in serious circumstances.

If you are a woman this condition ought to be cause for more serious concern since urine can flow over the inflamed skin. This will elicit a stinging pain that can only be reduced by you having to wipe off the urine with toilet paper. The condition is as such worsened and more damage inflicted on your skin.

When the condition worsens you will most likely have to bear with an intolerable level of discomfort especially when you sit down. The burning soreness will also be evident when you have to pass stool and it can turn such a normal process into a painful experience.

A lot of family doctors who practice general medicine may be able to accurately diagnose the condition. It is nonetheless advisable to visit a colorectal surgeon who has the right expertise in the medical sector. Gastroenterologists are also capable of making an accurate diagnosis and offer an appropriate recommendation. The condition under normal circumstances ends if one completely avoids aggravation especially by scratching. However, a physician will ensure that you do not have any medical disorder by a keen examination of the lower bowel and skin.

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