Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes Type 2: A Quick Relief From The Chronic Disease

September 19, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Diabetes is a medical condition, which hampers the ability of the body to respond to insulin, which ends up leading to the specific abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates thus boosting up to the spiked blood sugar levels. As per the World Health Organization, Diabetes is one of the most common issues in the world that has affected a sizeable amount of the population in the world. It is said that his medical ailment cannot be permanently treated but can be controlled.

There are several lifestyle changes to be done in order to maintain and control the sugar level inside the human body. In Ayurveda, there are several ways of managing the type 2 diabetes. Right from trying certain Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes type 2 to treating with simple daily herbs and spices used in the kitchen, this ancient treatment method has much to offer.

Diabetes & Ayurveda

As Ayurveda has its own way of defining different medical ailments, diabetes is certainly not an exception. In Ayurveda, this ailment (diabetes) is referred to as madhumay and thus remains part of the treatment, which suggests avoiding excess intake of sugar and the carbohydrates. If you talk about what Ayurveda tells about this ailment, it has several solutions to manage the ailment effectively. It can be called as the metabolic Kapha type of ailment in which the diminished function of the agni or the digestive fire will lead to the tendency towards increasing the higher blood sugar. For regulating the blood sugar, Ayurveda employs certain combinations like guduchi, shardunika, kutki, and punarnava altogether. You are supposed to consume a half teaspoon of 2-3 times in a day along with warm water, to see things working for you. The following are the simple remedies, which can help you in regulating the ailment effectively. (1)

Water in Copper Utensil: Using copper vessel has its own significance in Ayurveda, and same goes with Type II Diabetes. Drinking a cup of water inside a copper glass at the day and night time will give you relief from high sugar level.

Kapha pacifying diet:  For reducing the Kapha, you are supposed to follow the Kapha pacifying diet mainly avoiding the excess amount of sweets intake, dairy products and carbohydrates. You can consume bitter herbs and fresh vegetables.

Daily Use of Turmeric: The other way to regulate the Type II Diabetes is starting using turmeric in your day to day use. You can add turmeric to your daily food and see the results.

Combination – For regulating the blood sugar level, a combination of turmeric, ground bay leaf and along with vera gel can help you a lot. You can consume this mixture two times a day before you have your lunch and dinner.

Try Methi Dana- The other Ayurveda medicine to try for regulating diabetes include consuming methi dana stock. By consuming the same once in a day during the morning time can help you a lot in regulating the ailment.

Ginger Tea: You can try ginger tea as it has the tendency of stimulating the digestion, which further helps in reducing the excess amount of Kapha in the human system.

Apple or Gourt Juice- You can try a juice made up of bitter gourd/rose apple along with Neem and Bel on a daily basis empty stomach can help you a lot. This can be called as the best solution for regulating the diabetes.  

Churna with Honey – Trying Amalaki Churna along with turmeric powder and Naag Bhasma of around 50 mg, 500 mg and 125 mg respectively along with honey can help in regulating the blood sugar along with improving the pancreatic function.

Water with Tulsi: Consuming 10 leaves of Tulsi in a glass full of water along with 10 leaves of Neem and 10 Belpatras on a daily basis can help you a lot in regulating the sugar inside our body.

Useful Herbs- Trying useful herbs can benefit the patient of type 2 Diabetes a lot. These herbs include Jambhul, Sagar Gota, Gurmar, Triphala, Shilájit, Gurmar Leaves, Sagar gotta, and Nayantatra. You can consume them together by making juice or some other stuff.

Indian Sarsaparilla Stem powder – Consuming the powder of stem of the Indian Sarsaparilla along with Tamala leaf along with glycyrrhiza root that can be consumed along with water can help you a lot. You can consume the same with 100 ml of water two times a day.

The Jamun Leaves: Consuming the Jamun leaves can regulate the blood sugar as it has the capacity of controlling the ailment. It is known for its strong Ayurvedic cure that helps in keeping the Type II Diabetes at bay.

Bottom Line

There are several ways in which Ayurvedic medicines can help you in controlling type 2 diabetes a lot. The above is the list of everyday Ayurveda medicines that can help people suffering from the ailment. You can try them and keep diabetes at bay.

Sophia Smith

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