14 Benefits Of Drinking Coconut Water For Men And Women

March 29, 2022 • By Sophia Smith
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benefits of coconut water

Coconut milk or coconut water? Are you feeling a little bit confused? It is very easy to confuse them, but they are different. Coconut water is a clear natural liquid, and 95 % of it is pure water it is a great ready-to-drink beverage for dehydration, especially after workouts, and to support digestion and urination. (1)

Coconut milk is made from processed coconut meat that can be used as a cow’s milk substitute and used in cooking, especially when cooking South Asian and Thai recipes. It is quite high in fat and it contains around 50 % water.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of coconut water,  its side effects, and how it is beneficial for male and female health. Plus, let’s see whether is it useful for losing weight as it is very nutritious but fat–free.

Coconut Water Benefits

Coconut water is called the fluid of life, and it is a great summer refreshment!

It is a natural liquid that can be found naturally in young green coconuts and you can simply drink it with a straw. When the coconut ages, the coconut water solidifies into coconut meat that is later on processed into oil or milk.

Coconut water is found in almost every grocery shop, but you need to see if it is freed from preservatives and added sugar before buying it. Indonesia is the largest coconut-growing country in the world.

In tropical regions where coconuts grow, coconut water has been used as part of many healing practices. It is a healthy, versatile beverage that can be confirmed by its unique composition of phytohormones, sugars, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. To be more précised, one cup (240 ml) contains 45 calories (2), as well as:

  • Carbohydrates: 15 grams
  • Calcium: 4% of the DV
  • Phosphorus: 2% of the DV
  • Magnesium: 4% of the DV
  • Potassium: 15% of the DV
  • Sugar: 8 grams

1. It is a great substitute for sodas and juices

Being very low in calories, it can be a great substitute even for plain water after workouts and to stay hydrated during the day. It contains high levels of sodium and potassium and these two minerals help to balance the fluids after exercising. If you like its taste, you can freely indulge into it, compared to the coconut milk that can be consumed on special occasions, just look for unsweetened varieties. It contains electrolytes and it is more beneficial after exercising. (3)

2. Its antioxidant properties may decrease the cholesterol levels

Being very rich in antioxidants, it can help in decreasing cholesterol levels, as shown in one animal study from 2006. (4)

In one 2012 study, insulin-resistant rats were healed with coconut water and it was found that cholesterol and insulin levels decreased. It also lowered blood pressure. (5)

More research is needed to confirm the effects in human studies.

3. May lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes

Coconut water is a good source of magnesium and may increase insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. (6)

Many animal studies are encouraging, but more human studies are needed to support this claim.

Still, coconut water contains carbs that break down into sugar in your body and if you have diabetes, you should consult your health provider before adding it to your diet regimen.

4. May promote heart health

Bananas are known to be very rich in potassium, but one cup of coconut water contains more potassium than one banana.

The potassium in the coconut water may reduce blood pressure, and it may help to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. (7)

5. Coconut water is rich in nutrients

If you want to increase your potassium intake, drinking this beverage is an excellent choice you can make. Just 100 ml of coconut water contains 165 mg of potassium.

Besides potassium, it is very rich in magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Most people do not get these important minerals that play a key role in our organism. They are especially important for skeleton and muscle function and for heart health.

Calcium supports bone and teeth health and helps the muscles to work properly, while magnesium gives more energy and aids the organs to function. One cup of coconut water has about 60 mg of magnesium, which is 14 % of daily intake.

However, calcium and magnesium should be absorbed from other sources as the provided daily intake of these minerals from coconut water is not sufficient.

6. It promotes kidney health

It may prevent forming of kidney stones and loss, according to one study conducted in 2018. All the study participants who were taking coconut water lost more citrate, potassium, and chloride during urination than usual. (8)

Still, more research is needed to support this claim as this was a small study that included only 8 participants.

7. It may prevent constipation

Magnesium may help digestion and improve your gut health. It is also very important as it keeps you hydrated and regulates bowel movement.

8. It is rich in cytokines

Cytokines are one of the most important and beneficial components of coconut water as they regulate the immune system and influence the formation of blood cells and have anti-cancer properties. Having this in mind, coconut water can have a very beneficial impact on human health in general.

Coconut Water Benefits For Male Health 

1. Coconut As Aphrodisiac

Coconut water contains the same level of electrolytes as your blood. Rich in many minerals and in vitamin C, it boosts your metabolism and blood flow, leading to an increased libido. Magnesium and potassium are minerals that are very important for male health, but there is no scientific research to back this up. This topic is a controversial one, but if you are drinking coconut water, you are on the safe side when it comes to hydration and feeling energetic which can be somehow related to boosting libido levels.

One study found that it can increase fertility in men and improve reproductive functions. (9)

2. Supports Athletic  Performance

Coconut water may improve endurance and athletic performance. This is the result of the mixture of carbohydrates with the electrolyte minerals sodium and potassium – two important components found in sports drinks that are commercialized and are important for boosting energy.

Another study proved that it also helps in rehydration, similar to sports drinks, but it doesn’t help the exercise performance (10)

3. It May Help Cure A Hangover

If you feel dehydrated and foggy after a long night, it will help you replenish all the needed electrolytes, suppress your thirst, and improve your digestion. It is not acidic and it is very high in potassium.

Coconut Water Benefits For Female Health

Coconut water is very beneficial for woman’s health as well, and it can be very beneficial for pregnant women. Still, it should be consumed in moderation.

1. Coconut Water For Pregnant Women

Coconut water is safe to be taken during pregnancy as it is rich in electrolytes. It should be refrigerated and it is best to take it fresh. The electrolytes will replenish the lost ones during the morning sickness. Coconut water is also very nutritious and this is benevolent for fetus development.

If you hesitate whether to drink it during your pregnancy, it is best to talk to your health provider for advice.

2. Benefits Of Coconut Water For Skin

It has a very moisturizing effect and it can even fight acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. (11)  It can decrease the oil on your skin and prevents new acne breakout.

It is rich in antioxidants and has anti-age properties and skin repairs itself and is rejuvenated. It is also great for hydrating and has great effects on the skin if it is dry, has itchy patches, or has dark circles.

3. Coconut Water For Weight Loss

It boosts hydration, and this helps with losing weight it has less sugar than many sports drinks and sodas and many fruit juices. Still, if you buy it you should always look for the unsweetened one as some producers add sugar to it. This will cut on your calories and help you with weight loss.

What Is The Best Time To Drink It?

You can drink coconut water all day long, and it is good to drink at any time of the day. Drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach can help you in several ways.

1. Early In The Morning

It contains lauric acid, which is very helpful in treating infections, and it is great for boosting immunity and helps you with weight loss and improving metabolic functions. It is a great morning drink for pregnant women as well to fight dehydration and constipation during pregnancy and heartburn.

It is always best to drink it fresh after its opening. It might lose some of the benefits coming from its nutrients.

2. Coconut Water After The Workout

It is a natural isotonic liquid, ideal to be consumed after physical exercises for nice rehydration and refreshing.

Coconut Water Side Effects

Coconut water is generally considered safe and allergic reactions to it are quite rare.

  • You should drink coconut water in high doses as it may lead to a health condition called hyperkalemia which is very dangerous. In this case, the levels of potassium in your blood are higher than normal and it is critical for the function of your muscles and heart.
  • It may be dangerous for people with diabetes as it contains carbohydrates and calories. If you have diabetes, you can drink one cup per day, but consult your doctor before adding it to your diet.
  • If you have renal failure, you should also be careful, as coconut water is rich in potassium. If you have kidney health issues, the kidneys can no longer remove excess potassium from the body.
  • It may also have a laxative effect if you drink coconut water in high doses.


  • Coconut water is a healthy, versatile beverage that can be confirmed by its unique composition of phytohormones, sugars, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • You can drink coconut water all day long, and it is good to drink at any time of the day. Drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach can help you in boosting your immunity, help you with weight loss, and improve metabolic functions. It is a great morning drink for pregnant women as well to fight dehydration and constipation during pregnancy and heartburn.
  • Still, it should be taken in moderation, and if drink coconut water in high doses as it may lead to a health condition called hyperkalemia which is very dangerous. It may be dangerous for people with diabetes and people with kidney failure and they should consult a doctor before adding it to their diet.

Sophia Smith

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