Non Toxic Cookware

6 Ways How To Select Non-Toxic Cookware

If you’re someone who pays attention to the food you choose to eat, then you’ve probably read hundreds of articles on what healthy foods you should include in your diet and what unhealthy foods you should avoid. But, has it ever occurred to you what cookware you use to prepare your food? Are... Read More
food addicts food plan

What Is The Food Addicts Anonymous Food Plan

While the concept of drug addiction and alcoholism may be familiar for you, the concept of food addiction is relatively new and it’s gradually gaining acceptance. Although the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) does not include a formal diagnosis of food addiction,... Read More
avocado coconut milk ice cream

Easy Keto Avocado Coconut Milk Ice Cream Recipe

If you like eating avocados and drinking coconut milk, you should try out the tasty keto avocado coconut milk ice cream recipe. Besides being very easy to make, this ice cream is healthy. The avocados give it a lot of vitamins as well as lovely color and smooth texture. And the coconut milk... Read More
floating gardens Aztecs

The Floating Gardens Of The Aztecs Are Still In Use Today 

In the time of global climate changes, floating gardens offer an excellent solution to farmers in areas where flooding dominates the annual weather cycle, and fertile land is not available. It is an innovative form of sustainable farming that doesn't harm nature. But they are nothing new. In the 15... Read More
how to regrow leeks

How To Regrow Leeks From Your Kitchen Scraps?

There are endless times when you opened the fridge and found, far in the back, stashed containers there for weeks, wholly forgotten? One study even found that 44 % of Americans found a product in their fridge and did not know it was placed there or bought it beforehand. So, we should all get... Read More

Sesamoiditis: What Is It And How Can You Treat It?

What Is Sesamoiditis? To better understand what sesamoiditis is, you first need to know what sesamoids are. The sesamoids are independent bones in the body. What is characteristic about them is that unlike other bones in the body, which are connected by joints to each other, the sesamoids are only... Read More
3 day military

3-Day Military Diet Plan: How Effective Is It In Promoting Weight Loss?

The military diet, also known as the “3-day military diet,” is a popular trend among many people who choose to follow it in the hope that they’re going to shed weight very quickly. One important thing we’d like to mention is that the military diet is not related to the military in any way... Read More
Massage For Sleep

How To Sleep Better And Relax With 5 Different Massage Movements

There is no research needed to state how much lack of sleep can impact your overall health condition. You have probably experienced this first-hand, and it’s no wonder lack of proper sleep leads to exhaustion, a weak immune system, and so much more. Moreover, if you have insomnia, a common issue... Read More
how to get rid of eye bags

10 Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

You have woken up, and the first thing you see in the mirror are those swollen and puffy eyebags? Do not worry! They do not impact your vision or health! Still, they have a dramatic aesthetic effect! As we grow older, our bodies' collagen and elastin production reduces and our skin becomes more... Read More
grow cucumbers vertically

How To Grow Cucumbers Vertically?

Cucumber is one of the most refreshing summer vegetables and it is called a water bottle as 95 % of its composition is water. It is so low in calories, rich in antioxidants, and so beneficial for your overall health.  It can be added to almost any salad or meal and you can even pickle... Read More
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