Cooking With Cannabis: Flavourless Additives For Gourmet Meals

January 5, 2019 • By Sophia Smith

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Folks in North America are beginning to enjoy a wide variety of edible cannabis products (due to prescription or legalization) withouthaving to worry about where the edibles came from, whether they’re way too strong or if they contain other intoxicating substances. In short, legitimate companies are bringing edibles out of the lot scene at a Phish concert and into the living rooms of responsible adults.

While many cannabis enthusiasts will feel like kids in a candy shop due to legalization, there’s just one problem – they may well literally feel like kids in a candy shop. Virtually all edibles seem to come in the form of gummies, chocolates, hard candies and so forth. Some adults may feel infantilized by all this candy; others may simply not want to consume sugary candy at all.

Smoke-free cannabis products are definitely a fantastic option for health-conscious individuals looking to relax and enjoy themselves, but it is becoming clear as culture acclimatizes to legalization that more options are needed that don’t invoke memories of trick-or-treating. The development of savory edibles, infused teas and flavorless additives will certainly attract a number of consumers who might otherwise skip the cannabis trend altogether. (1)

Cannabis for the Serious Gourmand

Gourmands looking to enjoy the relaxing, mildly euphoric effects of cannabis will rejoice at the news that flavourless cannabis additives are in development – additives that won’t mess with that perfect recipe. Whether it’s slow-cooked pork, baked eggplant, linguine alla puttanesca or green salad with albacore tuna, additives can be integrated with any meal to add a light buzz to your Friday night meal. Entrepreneurs are catching wind of the demand for this kind of product and in addition to your own culinary creations, you’ll get a myriad of delicious ideas from Olli Brands.

Cannabis for the CrossFit Crew 

Exercise fanatics on a strict high-protein paleo diet can’t be messing around with chocolates and candies, so the advent of additives and infused teas definitely provide an attractive alternative. Integrating additive with baked sweet potato, lean steak or throwing right in your protein shake will make for a relaxing post-workout reward and amplify the pleasant endorphin rush. 

Cannabis for Bevetarians 

Baristas, mixologists, and those with a deeper appreciation of beverages will also enjoy the option to add a flavorless Cannabis additive to their favourite drinks without altering the flavour. Enjoying iced tea, juice or a tasty mocktail with additive in it can be a refreshing and relaxing experience. Furthermore, drinking cannabis-infused herbal tea is an extremely relaxing way to get a pleasant buzz going at the end of a long day. Nursing your tea slowly while reading a book and listening to chill music could be the ultimate night in!

As pot grows up a bit and adults who were wary of breaking the law get curious, companies will certainly get innovative in catering to this emerging market. With less hard drinking and more responsible enjoyment of cannabis, western society might be able to slow down for a minute and enjoy the present moment.  (2)

Sophia Smith

She is a renowned nutritionist and freelance writer whose topics of interest include healthy living and healthy eating. She is passionate about introducing new and delicious healthy meals while balancing her time between cooking and going to the gym. Her mission is to change the life of as many people as she can and make them the best version of themselves.
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