Effects of Alcohol Abuse: Common Alcohol-Related Crime

January 28, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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If you’ve ever been an alcoholic at any point in your life, then you should know by now how much it can play a significant role in criminal activities and violence. And when you take excessive alcohol, the worse it may get. Excessive drinking can lower inhibitions, increase chances of aggressive behavior, and impair your judgment. And these are just a few major effects that taking excessive alcohol can bring. The moment you realize that you are an alcohol addict, try and break from the habit. Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles has some of the best professionals and services to help you be free from the substance. And the sooner you enroll in the program, the better it is for you and everyone else. Alcohol-related crime rates and violence are rising throughout the country.

Rising to the point that if left unchecked, can get you or your loved one, whoever has the alcohol problem, in a lot of trouble. Yes! You can also be looking at some significant jail time as well. Even studies that have been conducted reveal that most criminals that serve jail time were under some alcohol influence. And these offenses can range from anything between minor crimes to serious ones. (1)

Crimes associated with alcohol

So far, the most common alcohol-related crimes revolve around drinking and driving. But then, other major offenses can also result from alcohol abuse that you might want to know about.

  1. Robbery

It is evident from the steady rise in robberies and other property-related crimes that cities across the US are having a difficult time controlling the issue. What’s more, you realize that most of these robberies are alcohol-related. About 15% of all robberies across the United States have been linked to alcohol abuse.

Studies have also found that alcohol can also significantly intensify robbers’ feelings of desperation. The urge to want to steal another person’s property or money. What’s odd is that while some robbers may essentially want to live better lifestyles and work to make a quick buck, others turn into repeat offenders. And the more their desire for more alcohol in their system intensifies, so does their cravings to rob others. In most instances, the robberies involve cases of violence which can result in significant jail time. Not to mention, criminal charges on the individual’s record as well and other legal troubles.

  1. Aggravated assault

This is also another common warning sign that a person may be abusing alcohol. Irritability and mood swings are clear giveaways that you must take note of. Most individuals that abuse alcohol tends to turn violent especially after a heavy drinking episode. In most instances, this is as a result of impaired judgment and poor decision making combined with hostility and aggression. These feelings can turn an alcoholic to be very dangerous to be around especially if he/she acts on their violent thoughts and feelings.

  1. Sexual assault

People that have an alcohol addiction also tend to be sexually abused and sometimes go to the extent of sexually assaulting others. A sexual assault involves any forced sexual act that involves kissing, touching, and intercourse. Studies also reveal that well over 37% of all sexual assaults are committed by individuals under alcohol influence. Mostly, you find that the perpetrators’ aggressive behaviors are intensified as well. Thus, they tend to be more forceful when they realize that their victims are trying to resist them. In instances where the victim is also unable to give consent from being intoxicated or mentally unstable, you can also consider this sexual assault.

  1. Child abuse

It is vital to note that alcohol not only always affects the individual consuming it. Even the individual’s family members and friends are usually affected. The children mostly. Most parents who abuse alcohol tends to neglect and abuse their children. And you also find that the children who are exposed to this type of aggression from their parents under the influence tend to develop behavioral and physical problems. Therefore, you might want to get yourself checked into Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles to ensure you don’t expose your children to any such issues.

  1. Intimate partner violence

Alcohol has also been found to play a perilous role toward intimate partner violence. And this can eventually lead to forced sexual activity, intimidation, aggression, plus other forms of controlling behavior. In most instances, intimate partner violence occurs when the intoxicated romantic partner causes harm to the other. The harm can be physical, psychological, or even sexual. Plus, you also find that in this case, former spouses have admitted that most of the times their partners harmed them, they had been intoxicated. And it can get even worse if your partner is a heavy drinker. You can be exposed to other significant hardships like financial difficulties, infidelity, childcare problems, etc.

  1. Homicide

You also find that alcohol is involved in a lot more homicides in the U.S. than any other substance. Alcohol causes many people to commit homicides than even heroin or cocaine. To put things into perspective, studies show that over 40% of all murderers were drunk at the time of committing the crime. And in cases of severe drinking, the violence can be even more extreme which can quickly escalate to even more dangerous situations. While under the influence of alcohol, the user’s mental state is usually blurred. And therefore, these individuals are more at risk of committing violent crimes. States and other countries have put strict legal punishments for homicide convictions. However, this won’t do any good as long as these addicts keep drinking. You cannot threaten an alcohol addict with several years in jail. It never works.

Final thoughts

Most people might see alcohol to be just another substance to relieve stress and escape harsh realities for a moment. And that’s not bad. But only possible if used responsibly. But you find that most alcoholics have no control over how much they drink. And that’s what leads them to commit these crimes and acts of violence. Excessive drinking of alcohol is a sure ticket to landing yourself in jail sooner or later.

Sophia Smith

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