Hearing Can Be Affected by Age

February 2, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Hearing aids

A large percentage of people with hearing loss to some degree or other are the older generation. This would perhaps indicate, due to the number of older people that wear glasses, hearing, and blindness are two of the senses which weaken earliest and so we all too often have to wear glasses or a hearing aid in our later years. Of course though, with the technology available today, it is far easier to get an appropriate pair of glasses or hearing aid than it has been in the past.

The hearing will though usually cost money and so it is perhaps important, financially, to ensure that you buy the correct aid for your particular amount of hearing loss. Just as with glasses though, they may have to be changed after several years when the problem gets worse. To try and avoid people wasting their money on unsuitable hearing aids, some providers of hearing aids such as Audika.DK will provide free hearing tests online and then provide what is thought to be the correct aid for your particular needs, on a free trial basis. Once the trial period is over, if the hearing aid suits your needs, only then do you pay or, if it doesn’t, you can try the next one.

It isn’t only the old that suffers from hearing loss though, although they are perhaps the largest group, as some people may experience hearing loss since birth or since a particularly loud noise was experienced which caused them to lose their ability to ear as normal. For some of these people, a standard hearing aid is sufficient, one which is placed loosely in the ear whilst offers prefer to have a hearing aid that is almost undetectable to the human eye. How this is accomplished is by placing the very small hearing aid, inside the ear where it can barely be seen and so is therefore inconspicuous.

Some hearing aids though do not go inside the ear at all as they are placed around the ear. Why a hearing aid can be effective without actually being inside the ear is because it was discovered that bones are ideal conductors of sound waves which means, if they are in contact with the bones at the back of the ear, those bones will transport the sound waves through the skull, directly to the brain where they can be interpreted into recognizable sounds.

Although modern technology has made hearing aids available for almost everyone, they are by no means a new concept as the first hearing aid sales are known to date back hundreds, if not thousands of years. These first hearing aids looked nothing like the modern ones and it is not known how effective they actually were but even today, someone would probably recognize them for what they were. The reason for this is that they were modelled from wood, in the shape of an ear of an animal that is renowned for its great sense of hearing.

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