How To Effectively Declutter Your Home

December 9, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Many people who have a busy lifestyle, do not have time to maintain their home and property the way that they would like. There is rarely time to thoroughly clean a home and it is very easy to discover your home has become a cluttered and disorganized space that is difficult to navigate. Regardless of how it got started, at some point, it becomes necessary to declutter your home. So, you can either book Snapclean Gold Coast for house cleaning or follow these easy tips to declutter your home that can be easily implemented and consistently done without impacting on your daily activity schedule.

Maintain order in your home

Reorganizing kitchen and bathroom cupboards to make items easy to find will be a great way to maintain order in your home. Identify those items that you use all the time, and place them in a cupboard or drawer where they can easily be retrieved and put back after you have used them.

Separate special tools from normal things

When you have hobbies that require special equipment or tools, it is important that they are kept in a separate room. A problem that often occurs is that people put "everything" they may use at some point in a drawer in the kitchen. For a family, labelling drawers and cabinets can be an easy way to assure that items are replaced in their proper location after use.

One of the reasons that closets and dressers in bedrooms get cluttered and overloaded with clothing and shoes, is that people do not separate their clothing seasonally. By identifying a storage area for off-season clothing and shoes, you can eliminate much of the clutter in a closet.

Keep your treasures in a storage room

When an item is going to be a treasure that will be kept for several years, it is important that you identify a place for that item. Keeping your treasures in a storage area is a way to protect them from the elements and damage that can occur during daily activities in a home. If an item is going to be displayed in the home, it will be important that you have the proper case for it.

Dispose of useless items

A good rule of thumb to reduce clutter in a home is to instill the habit of giving or throwing away an item when a new piece of clothing, toy, or other product is brought into the home. Having a broken vacuum cleaner in the garage will create clutter and the average person will not have time to repair it. Therefore, when you purchase a replacement vacuum, get rid of the broken one. (1)

Making Spring cleaning a fun family event is another way to effectively declutter your home. This is a great opportunity to box up items for charities or organizations and to recycle items in the home that are still usable but will not be used by you or your family. Making a list of what types of items you want to give will help you to identify the areas of your home that should receive attention first when you begin decluttering.

Sophia Smith

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