How To Encourage Your Husband To Lose Weight Without Offending Him

December 23, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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Many times, losing weight is a team effort. Spouses need to support each other in this endeavor, as that is how they can maintain their motivation to reach their long-term weight loss goals.

However, when only one of the members of the couple needs to lose weight, the other one will have a hard time coping with this problem. Telling your partner to eat less may result in frustration and anger.

 In time, this may affect your relationship in a negative manner. This article takes a closer look into a few ways to encourage your husband to lose weight. Feel free to use this advice in order to support your beloved life partner to attain his weight loss objective. (1)

Make a Plan Together

If both of you need to lose weight, helping him stay on the right track will be easier. The more you're going to stick to your diet and exercise program, the more he's also going to do it. You can use the power of example to help him reach his weight loss goals. However, if you can't motivate yourself to lose weight, you can't expect him to do it.

Sooner or later, he will end up by following your example, so you'll both gain weight instead of losing it.

Other Ways to Offer Support

If you are thin, your mission will be difficult. You may need to switch to a healthy lifestyle even if you don't feel like you really need it.

This will be good for you on long-term, so don't get frustrated for not being able to eat chocolate or ice cream in bed before going to sleep.

Besides, you have to think about methods to make your husband be more active. This means you may want to invite him to romantic walks in the park more often or to find a sport you both like. Table tennis or swimming can be great for staying active and fit without huge efforts. If needed, you can pay for a few lessons with a professional trainer, in order to grasp the basics of your chosen activity.

Take Charge of Cooking Healthy Food

If you are the one who does the cooking, your mission is going to be easier. All that you need in order to encourage your husband to lose weight is to choose healthier cooking methods. Observe his diet and try to use only those foods that he is allowed to eat.

Give up deep frying in favor of stir-frying, grilling and roasting. When it comes to vegetables, try stir-frying and steaming, as both methods give excellent results. You can prepare healthy meals that are also delicious.

Like this, you'll help your husband avoid forbidden foods. It is also true that he can always eat out without you knowing it. However, by paying attention to your cooking methods, you'll still help your husband avoid those fatty and calorie-heavy foods, at least partially.

Say Goodbye to Junk Food

The type of foods you have in your pantry and in your fridge will also make a difference. If your husband is the one in charge of grocery shopping, it's time that you take over this chore. Like this, you'll be able to choose only healthy foods.

Being on a diet (check out two of our favorites)  is always easier in the absence of temptation. If sweets and snacks are within his reach, your husband will be prone to eating more. Seeing the food has an immediate effect on the brain, as it sends signals of hunger.

Make sure there's no food in sight, as that will make everyone in the house eat fewer amounts of food and cut on those unhealthy snacks. This doesn't mean you should stop buying food. It only means that you should rather keep fruit and snacks inside your kitchen cabinets or in your storage room rather than on the kitchen table.

Even foods that are considered healthy can make you fat if you eat huge amounts or if you munch on them all day long. Keep food out of sight, as you should all stick to eating only three meals a day.

If needed, you can have one or two snacks between these meals, but make sure you allow at least three hours to pass before eating anything again after a meal. If you turn this into a habit, you'll be healthier and you'll feel less bloated, and your husband won't hold a grudge on you for not allowing him to eat all the time.

Celebrate Wins

Always make sure you point out the positive effects of sticking to the diet. Celebrate all victories no matter how small. Even shedding a couple of pounds can be a good reason to have a small celebration.

Try to be an active listener and encourage your husband to share his challenges with you. Sometimes, the simple fact of sharing your problems is a huge leap towards overcoming them.

Besides, you'll show him that you do care about his struggle and about the progress he makes. Losing weight is a difficult journey, and having someone supporting you can be the most valuable gift you can get. Since you've decided to share your life, your house, and your goals, it makes sense to also share the challenges. (2)

What Not to Do

There are also things you may want to avoid if you don't want to offend your husband. Don't tell him that he looks worse than his friends. Don't compare him to animals. Don't hurt his feelings by telling him that he can't stay motivated to lose weight.

Don't tell him that you're going to quit him because of his inability to follow a strict diet and a healthy lifestyle. These are all surefire ways to make him sad or angry. Your relationship may suffer, and you won't see any results of your efforts.

Always think before you speak, as you don't know how the other is going to react to your tough words. Speak from a place of love and understanding, but try to stay assertive and to help him keep his promises to himself.

You can be firm without hurting him, but you'll need all the empathy you're capable of.

Lead by example, find kind words, show your love and you'll succeed in your endeavor of making your husband lose weight.



Sophia Smith

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