9 Facial Massage Benefits

April 26, 2022 • By Sophia Smith
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face massage benefits

There are various skin care products that promise to keep your skin looking youthful, fresh fine – line-free, and reduce puffiness.

Some women indulge themselves with facial massages and spend extravagantly to feel relaxed after a busy week. But, how about doing this super easy technique by yourself, at home using your hands,  a cheap crystal roller, or just a pair of your kitchen spoons?

It is a mini workout for your face and is inexpensive and easily available. This facial massage technique stimulates the pressure points on your face and neck, can calm your nerves, relax your muscles and rejuvenate your skin.

Even though you protect your skin from the sun and have a diet rich in antioxidants, you should also keep a daily beauty routine to keep your skin in good condition.

Some people cannot afford expensive beauty treatments, so we share with you some cheap methods to rejuvenate your skin that are super easy to make.

What Exactly Is A Facial Massage?

Briefly, facial massage is the same as any other body massage, just for your face.  The most common and the simplest face massage is by using your hands ( or professional’s) and easily and gently applying movements to your face such as deep stroking, tapping, pinching, and kneading.

Facial Massage Benefits

The main benefits of facial massage are:

1. Face Massage Reduces Signs Of Ageing

Just a simple massage can pamper the skin and delay the signs of aging. If you do it regularly, it can also reduce the fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles, and pigmentation. It can also improve skin elasticity and you will look younger. (1

2. Tension relief on your face muscles

When we are stressed or tensed, our skin is tensed, especially on our forehead, and this causes wrinkles over time.

3. Facial massage boosts circulation

The quick facial massage improves the oxygen and blood flow to your skin which decreases the puffiness, detoxifies your skin, and evens the skin tone. This boosts collagen formation and results in a glowing complexion. (2)

4. Facial massage improves the skincare products' absorption

Your favorite moisturizer and serum are better absorbed into your skin with these lifting motions, and it is a relaxing self–care moment.

5. You feel relaxed after a long day at work

It is a great way to relieve all the emotional tension and calm muscle tension after a long day at work.

6. Toxins relief

The increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage in your face can flush out all the toxins that build up on your face and keep it clean and fresh all the time.

7. Minimizes the acnes and pores

Along with proper hygiene and using face massage oil can prevent some acne breakouts and the formation of large pores through enhanced collagen production.

8. Facial massage brightens the complexion

The increased blood flow and circulation make your complexion brighter and give an even tone and healthy glow. (3

9. Sinus pressure

You can massage your sinuses to relieve mucus or alleviate headaches in case of milder cases of sinusitis.

How To Do A Facial Massage?

To do a simple face massage, you do not need any tools, but you need clean hands and a clean and washed face.

Here are a few steps on how to do it:

  1. First, gently apply massage cream for facial massage to your face.
  2. You can start with massaging your shoulder and neck, which boosts the face circulation, and lymphatic drainage comes down from the face.
  3. Place your two fingers like scissors above and below the jaw, come up to the ear and then massage down to the side of the neck.
  4. Massage the jaw muscle with your thumbs with good pressure because this muscle is very strong.
  5. Then start to stroke and lift the lower face with your index finger.
  6. Continue with pinching around the lips to plump them and reduce the tension around the mouth.
  7. Make light circles over the forehead with your knuckles.
  8. In the end, stroke upwards from the center of the brows to the hairline.

Spoon Facial Massage

Spoon facial massage can reduce the puffiness around your eyes, remove fine lines and define facial contours. Just a regular 10 days spoon facial massage can rejuvenate your face and your skin will look healthier and younger.

For this massage technique, you have to use spoons in a certain direction on your face to boost blood circulation. If you do it regularly, your face will become firmer and sculpted in the longer run.

The results are very similar to the jade roller, which has been very popular recently and is very much used.

This facial massage requires:

  • Two  tablespoons
  • An essential oil (usually coconut, olive, or peppermint oil)
  • One bowl with ice cubes


  1. At first, you should choose an oil for your skin type and clean your face. Next, apply enough oil or cream for better gilding. Then,  start working with the spoons from the forehead and go to the bottom of your nose.
  2. From the center of your forehead, apply gentle pressure with the spoon in an upward direction to improve the elasticity.
  3. Then, press against your jaw and push it twice upward toward your ears. You should be careful not to press hard.
  4. In the end, put the spoon in cold water and press it on shut eyelids to de-puff your eyes.
  5. It takes about 10 minutes to make it, but it is much better than an ordinary facial massage! The best time to do this massage is in the morning!

When you practice facial massage daily, you will detoxify it through lymphatic drainage, and your face will look slimmer over time and give it a glittering effect.

Face Massage Techniques That Will Change Your Face

Facial massage is similar to yoga and makes your muscles stronger, more supple, and lengthens them. But it is not proven if the massage of certain face parts is shorter or longer or rounds out a jawline with an angular shape. Still, some techniques can be beneficial for reshaping your face.

For example, if your jawline is wide, you can massage work around your temples and down to the chin to make it look thinner. If you massage from the two sides of your face toward a point between your ears at the top of your head may widen your forehead so it will appear smaller.

There are massage techniques that can change your face:

Macro Beauty Massage

This is a unique method that can relax muscle stuffiness and beautify your skin. It is specially designed to improve skin health and you may notice changes in your face shape. 

Different Skin Massages For Different Skin Types

If your skin is oily, you should use a moisturizer or light serum and massage your face for 10 – 15 minutes.  If you have dry skin, you can use face oil that matches your skin. But, you should not overdo it, as it may irritate your skin, and always do it on washed and clean skin.

Botox Benefits

Botox is great for getting rid of wrinkles freezing the muscles, and reducing the wrinkles.

Is it Safe to Make A Facial Massage After Botox?

If you are worried about whether to get a facial massage after a botox, you should leave a gap of at least one day or several hours after the botox. You should take care of your face for the first 24 hours after the botox treatment.

All other facial treatments should also be postponed for seven days after the treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects To Facial Massage?

There are no known side effects of facial massages. Nevertheless, when you use moisturizer or oil, make sure it matches your skin and use products with minimal artificial ingredients.

What Happens if You Massage Your Face Daily?

If you massage your face daily, your face will drain toxins, causing your skin to radiate and appear healthier. As a result, blood will circulate better, and because of this, your face will appear different.

Sophia Smith

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