Throw a Tapas Lunch Party – Top Four Healthy Options to Include

February 12, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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A great platter, Tapas is mostly shared with friends. Today, you have Tapas recipes to count on if you are a health-conscious person and want others to eat healthy and well. It's been over 800 years that Tapas has been a central aspect of the food scene. Typically, this platter gets consumed as a complete meal or even a snack. The custom is to take small bites that help to foster a healthy lifestyle.

Most people are health conscious and eat healthy today. And Tapas is a healthy platter. It is because when you consume a minimal amount of food, filled with nutrients you are making it easy for your body to digest the food. Also, the platter provides you with a wide range of flavors that enables you to slow your eating speed and prevents you from overeating. It also helps you to enjoy the aroma, the nutrients, color and flavor of the platter. Throwing a Tapas party for your friends outside is easy. You need to book a table at a favorite restaurant. Alternatively, you can even place a home delivery order as well. You can browse through Barcacity New Brunswick lunch to know more on Tapas choices.  

Alternatively, you can also make some of the best Tapas at home. Discussed below are four favorite menus that make sure that you and your friends eat healthily. (1)

  1. Olive skewers with Marinated Feta

It is an exotic platter. If you can prepare it well, you will find it close to what the Tapas restaurants make. Even though Feta Cheese has high-fat content, it offers several nutrients such as calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and many more. Feta is an excellent complement to cucumber and olives, which adds a delicious Mediterranean flavor. Prepare them before, store it in a refrigerator and take it out before your friends arrive.

  1. Olive goat cheese Bruschetta

Do you want to add variety to the traditional Bruschetta? If yes, then this recipe is apt to follow. You can make use of basil and tomato as well in addition to the olives. If you want to give a fiber boost, just add multigrain baguette rather than the plain white French bread. It will take you less than one hour to prepare this.

  1. Mushroom served with Mediterranean Stuffing

For this dish, you can use good quality mushroom that serves as an apt size tapas platter. This platter is rich with antioxidant-rich leafy greens, fiber along with spices that boost immunity. The platter is low in fat. So, if you are following a diet, this is one of the best dishes to count on.

  1. Nectarine and Mozzarella skewers using Pesto

Add a bit of creative touch with your Tapas platter! You can use both peaches as well as nectarines which will make refreshing and crisp skewers. Choose a very low-fat mozzarella to relish the pesto smeared appetizers without any guilt. You can prepare this platter within 25 minutes. Other than the aromatic and sweet taste, this platter is a good source of Calcium and Vitamin C.

Many other Tapas lunch options are available. Walking into the best Tapas restaurant is an excellent choice as well. However, if you're looking homemade Tapas recipe that is easy to cook and eat, you can count on the four names mentioned above and select wisely.

Sophia Smith

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