Top 7 Ways to Detoxify Your Body

The human organism can’t always function like a well-oiled machine because of the numerous pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis – food, air, or even water can regularly bring toxins into our body, and at some point, we might get overwhelmed by the increasing amount of toxins circulating throughout our bodies. Nowadays we live in cities where the air is polluted with various toxins, the water is treated with chemicals, and a significant percentage of food contains multiple preservatives, chemicals, and other genetically modified ingredients – all of this exposes us to toxins that build up in the organism. That’s why today we see that all natural health experts like Prof. Abdul Samad, and others are very much busy in teaching people to know the value of natural life. Because they understand that only natural way of living can make you happy, healthy and successful.

The good news is that this process does not happen overnight, and there are simple measures you can take in order to not just flush toxins, as well as to prevent them from building up the first place. Keep in mind that these are all natural methods and they might have varying efficiency for different individuals, so it is up to you to find the techniques that work best for you.

Staying Hydrated Is Your Priority

While water might contain some chemicals, it is still a key ingredient when it comes to cleansing your body. The best way to find out whether you are drinking enough water is to check the color of your urine – it should be pale yellow or nearly transparent. If it is dark, then this might be a sign of minor dehydration and you should immediately fix the problem by drinking more water. Another simple tip is to add a few tablespoons of apple vinegar to your first glass of water for the day – vinegar has an antiseptic and cleansing effect that will certainly be a great start of the day.

Fresh Fruit or Vegetable Juice Is a Secondary Hydration Option

Although water should be over 90% of your daily fluid intake, you should not underestimate the benefits of a freshly made glass of vegetable or fruit juice – apple, orange, grapefruit, carrot, tomato or any other freshly made juice is guaranteed to improve your body’s overall condition and flush out toxins. Please don’t forget that the ordinary juices sold at the supermarket are not fresh and they often contain artificial sweeteners, so they are not a good choice at all.

Stay Away From Unnecessary Sugars and Sweeteners

Nowadays the majority of food products sold in stores contain some sort of artificial sweeteners or the insane amount of sugar. While this might taste really sweet and great, you should keep in mind that sugar intake is not healthy for you and it might increase the number of toxins circulating throughout your body. Sugar is one of the evils of the food industry, and it has become one of the top reasons for the rapidly increasing percentage of obese people in the United States of America.

Exercising Daily Can Do Wonders

Exercising won’t just help you maintain a better bodyweight and overall shape, but it will also help you sweat profusely, therefore helping your body eliminate toxic buildups. Keep in mind that exercising does not necessarily mean intensive 2-hour training sessions – even a 30-minute walk through the park can help a lot. We strongly recommend combining regular exercises with any of the other tips in this article for the best results.

Coffee Is Replaceable

Giving up on coffee could be really difficult especially if you are used to the energy boost that a dose of caffeine can bring. However, giving up coffee does not necessarily mean that you need to give up caffeine – a great and much healthier alternative is the green tea that provides not just caffeine, but also antioxidants that will assist the detoxification process. Your morning coffee could also be replaced with a green apple which is proven to provide a similar energy boost as a small cup of coffee.

Consider Building a Habit to Fast Every 1-2 Months

Getting used to fasting might be difficult, but you can rest assured that giving your digestive system a break for 1-2 days every 1-2 months can do wonders for your overall health. While staying hungry could be slightly annoying, don’t forget that by drinking green tea, herbal tea or organic green drinks you can significantly suppress your food craving. Keep in mind that it might be a good idea to consult a doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions that might be affected by fasting.

Try to Stay Away From White Bread and White Flour

Most pastry found in stores is created with the use of white flour – a product which could lead to minor issues with your digestive system if you eat too much of it. We suggest doing your best to stay away from white bread, as well as to minimize the number of white flour products you consume on a daily basis. Consider looking for products made with quinoa flour, brown rice flour, or other healthier types of flour that you can find with a quick web search.

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