See What Happens When You Drink Raw Juice On An Empty Stomach


Oh, raw diet juicing…look at programmes of the major natural healing centres all around the world…and it is there every single time! So it must be awesome…

Let me present to you…the most powerful, alkalising, hydrating, energising, nourishing, cleansing, healing and rejuvenating elixir that will take your raw food diet to a next high…the mighty juice!

Why is raw diet juicing good for you?

While fibre is very important in our diets, leaving it behind in the juicing process allows juice to:

  • give your body rest from solid food digestion
  • nutrients “saved” on fuel digestion can be focused on metabolic processes
  • extract 99.99% of nutrition “trapped” in fibers (provided you own a proper juicer)
  • unbelievably concentrated nutrients can be rapidly absorbed straight into your cells
  • effectively balance, neutralise and alkalise your body
  • truly cleanse the body by filtering toxicity out from your cells
  • rebuild your cells, soothe inflamed and damaged tissues
  • get a significant amount of raw living food into your diet on daily basis
  • assimilate into your body within 20-30 minutes so you feel the energy and goodess flowing through your veins in minutes
  • effectively hydrate the body – particularly mineral rich sprout and green juice

Raw Juice

 How to get the most out of raw diet juicing?

  • Drink it on an empty stomach so that it can hit your blood stream fast and get to work at once (set yourself up for the day in the best way possible every morning ! ). 
  • Drink it within 15-20 minutes for maximum benefit. Once food is chopped, the enzymes are activated and oxidation causes rapid nutrient loss (but of course fresh juices can be stored and refrigerated)
  • Allow at least 20 minutes before consuming any additional food or drink as it would slow digestion of the juice down and many of the potential benefits will be lost (in the worst case fermentation and digestive upset may happen)
  • Use the best produce you can find – fresh, organic, local and seasonal
  • Peel non-organic or waxed produce before using it
  • Wash all produce before using it
  • Strain your juice to remove fibre and foam before you drink it
  • Get a heavy duty juicer

How much raw juice should you drink?

Ideally at least 2 glasses (16 ounces) per day are recommended as a minimum.But! Listen to your body. Don’t push yourself. Start with 1 glass (8 ounces) and take it from there.

It is perfectly normal if you feel a bit nauseous after drinking your juice at the beginning. Drink a bit less the next time and increase the amount over time as your body gets more cleansed of toxins.

As soon as you learn about the benefits of juicing and experience them for yourself you will want to drink more and more! There are no known or proven harmful effect of drinking too much raw juice. Enjoy it as often as you like.

Raw diet juicing is unbeatable for detoxification of the body. As a result, exclusive consumption of juices is sometimes used for healing and cleansing.

Wow, the amazing juice fasts – or rather juice feasts! You simply must try one when you’re ready, it will turn your life upside-down – in a great way!:)

Always undertake such programs under proper supervision – to be safe and get the most out of them.

Outside of juice feasts, drink fresh juices in addition to a fiber rich plant based diet. Still not convinced that raw diet juicing totally rocks?

I challenge you to try juicing (or even a full blown juice feast if you dare!) and let the results speak for themselves!

Jay Kordich is the father of juicing. What is his favourite juice recipe?

  • 10 carrots
  • 1 apple

(serves 2 juice-lovers)

Also watch video below which include yummy raw green juice:


  • 5-7 Honeycrisp or Pink Lady Apples
  • Juice of 2-3 Lemons or Limes
  • 5-6 Stalks of Celery
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Half Head of Romaine
  • 1 Head of Kale

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4 years ago

Juice, I simply love it. My husband and my son love to drink it to. We are quite lucky to have a big backyard, so we have a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables that we grow for ourselves. And I can say that throughout the whole year we have something raw and homegrown to put in our juicer. We also make a lot of trips to the market to get the things we don’t have. My husband always starts his day with raw juice on an empty stomach, it’s something he is used to since he was a child. It’s a great habit and I can see my son starts to drink it that way too and he loves it. It’s too much for me thou, I like eating something first, at least having a bite or two before I chug down a glass of raw juice. We use apples as the base for our juice because we have tons of them, and we combine them with everything, from carrots, pears, peaches and strawberries to bananas and all kinds of green herbs. Also, the juicer itself has a big role on the quality of the juice. I never realized the importance of drinking it on an empty stomach, but I will try it out. At least if I drink juice I might as well drink it the right way, right?

4 years ago

This sounds amazing. I did not know that raw juice is that healthy and that it has all those benefits when drinking it on an empty stomach. I am fond of drinking juices. Until now, I used to buy a hundred percent natural juices with different kinds of vitamins and I never used to make any at home. What I mean by this is that I hardly ever made for myself and my family raw juice. I am also staggered to read all those combinations of raw juicing with fruit and vegetables. For instance, celery and cucumbers as a juice, this sounds really great. This is perfect for me because lately the only food I have been eating it was solid food because I have had so many things to do at work as well as at home. I can make any juice now at home and it won’t take me more than a couple of minutes. I really want to hydrate my body effectively and to cleanse it from all the toxins. This would be great for my hubby and our children too. It seems like the perfect habit to be ingrained for my family so we could all improve our healthy lifestyle. I am making one raw juice this morning with all the veggies and fruit I can find in my kitchen and my goal will be to develop this habit of drinking raw juice on an empty stomach both for me and my family.

4 years ago

I’m sure you’ll agree that each and every one of us is doing their best to live as healthy as we can- given the circumstances we live in. When I say I, I know I speak for every woman out there-I want the best for my family. So, I try to cook as often as I can and prepare every type of juice that I can. Luckily, we have a big garden and we have a lot of fruit and vegetables which I use when preparing juice for my husband and my children. Until now, I forced my children to drink their raw juice during the day, but now when I read about all the benefits we get by drinking raw juice on an empty stomach, I’ll prepare their drink in the morning. They need all the energy they can get, especially when they are going to school. Of course, my husband and I will join them in this morning juicing ritual because we also need energy to get through the busy day. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

4 years ago

I can personally testify to the amazing health benefits that freshly made raw juices have for our physical and mental well-being. There probably isn’t a quicker and better way to instantly improve one’s health than by consuming raw juices both during the day and on an empty stomach. Fresh produce is packed with essential nutrients and fiber that enter our blood stream in no time, which instantly revives and rejuvenates our whole system. Unfortunately, some of us learn the importance of consuming fresh produce and juices the hard way, only when we experience serious health issues. That was the case with my husband who had stubbornly stuck to his unhealthy habit of eating processed food on a regular basis for years. As as result of that, his blood pressure spiked and it was discovered that he had a dangerously high level of bad cholesterol in his blood. His condition improved in a matter of days when he finally made the decision to begin his day by consuming a fresh drink made from different fruit and vegetables diluted in little water. Not only did he begin experiencing an instant rise in his energy levels, but his blood pressure also started to normalize in a week or two. Our two daughters have also adopted this morning routine, for which I am especially grateful. I personally prefer consuming raw juices in the course of the day rather than on an empty stomach, but I have nevertheless experienced improvements in my overall health. These juices are also very tasty, allowing me to make all kinds of interesting combinations with fruit and vegetables. Thanks for reminding me of the immense importance of drinking raw juices.