Although physical therapy, by most people is considered to be an amalgamation of different physical stretches and alternative hot and cold pad therapy, yet there is lot more to physiotherapy than meets the eye. The most effective part of physical therapy is the manual therapy.

The manual therapy is known to provide a reduction in the time of recovery for the patients as well as positively affect the motion and strength of the muscles and ligaments in the human body. In these busy schedules when we don’t have time to look after health some knowledge of manual physiotherapy is quite important. But what is manual therapy?

A manual therapy is referred to the physical therapy where the physiotherapist uses his hands to relieve any sort of muscle inflammations and relax the muscles to improve stretchability and mobility of different body parts. Kneading is one of the important techniques of physiotherapy that is recommended by some of the best hospitals of physiotherapy in Bangalore.

This increases the circulation of blood in the body and increases joint functionality by loosening the connective tissues. Manual therapy is usually used as a partner therapy with personalized exercise programs. Some of the techniques used in manual therapy are quite simple and knowledge of these processes greatly helps people in leading a healthy life. Some of these techniques are as follows.

1.MOBILIZING THE JOINTS: Muscle pulls in most cases are results of hasty movements of restricted muscles in the body. An ice-pack becomes useless in this case as its effect does not reach the core of the issue. In this case, a mobilizing massage is required to relax the joint and positively affect its motion by moving the joint slowly and painlessly to reduce stress.

2. STRAIN TREATMENT: In this method, the physiotherapist is supposed to apply a certain amount of pressure on an area that is least affected and then stretching the muscles slightly. Once the process is done the patient is allowed to relax for a few minutes to that the stretched muscles can settle back in their place. This technique is mostly effective for patients who are suffering from acute conditions as their body will be resting in the most comfortable position.

3. MILD AMPLITUDE THRUSTING: The experts of physiotherapy in Delhi, physiotherapy in Chennai and other major cities use this technique to ensure that the joint muscles open and close with ease. The process involves stretching the muscles to the last stage of its motion and applying a thrust at the end of its range. This process requires more movement than any of the other techniques, but it still maintains the limit if movement of the joint and makes sure that there is no damage.

These manual therapy exercises are a common part of courses related to physiotherapy. The most convenient way to have a manual therapy is to book an appointment through an online portal and let the physiotherapist work to heal your muscles in the comfort of your home.

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