7 Science-Backed Methods to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner

March 19, 2018 • By Benjamin Wilson
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Losing weight is always hard, especially when you are focused on healthy, sustainable weight loss. The task is made even harder by the busy schedules we all have. But there is some good news: big weight loss starts with small changes, as any Aesthetic Cosmetic Specialist can tell you. Making one small change a day can help you healthily lose the extra pounds.

Colors on the plate

Kids refuse to eat dull, boring foods and the same is valid for adults, even if we don't admit it. A colorful plate is a lot more tempting than a dull one. Aim for making colorful dishes and serving them on colorful plates. The more contrast between the plate and the food will make you eat less, but with more joy.

Snack frequently and healthy

Snacks are great, as long as they are healthy. Avoid eating large meals once or twice a day and focus on eating three meals a day and at least two snacks in between them. This will make you energetic and will promote a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to choosing what to snack on, pick fruits and nuts, which are loaded in antioxidants and vitamins.

Shop smart

When you go shopping for groceries check the fresh produce stalls first. In most stores, these are placed around the edges of the aisles, while the inner shelves contain the heavily-processed foods. Try to buy local foods, because they are fresher and often cheaper, so you get more value for your money.

Smart stocks

You can't eat junk food if you can't put your hands on it. So stock your fridge and pantry with healthy foods. This way, when you want to eat something, you will have only healthy options. The same is valid for your freezer, where you should find veggies and fruits.

Start cooking

Cooking at home can help you lose weight because you control the ingredients and the quantities. When you order food, the portions are often oversized and stuffed with added sugar. Apart from this, cooking doesn't have to take a long time and it can stimulate your mind. If you are creative, you can try to make healthy pizza, stir fry, or burgers at home.

Take your time to eat

When you eat in a rush, your body has a hard time “registering” the feeling of a full belly. Throwing in the food as fast as possible can also promote digestive problems, so take your time to eat. Chew each piece of food enough, before you swallow it. This way, your body can understand when your belly is full and you will eat less.

Add veggies

When you want to lose weight healthily you need to include more vegetables in your diet, along with proteins. Add veggies to the omelet, your casseroles, or other meals you eat over the day. Vegetables help you feel full because they contain fibers, which also promote bowel movements.

These small changes to your diet can help you lose weight on the go, without having to restrain from your favorite foods. The only foods you need to avoid are junk foods and heavily processed foods, which harm your body and can show on the scale.

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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