8 Effective Acupressure Points to Heal Commonly Occurring Body Pains and Aches

December 29, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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We have all experienced body pains and headaches at some point of time or the other. Undoubtedly, it is enfeebling. In a fast-paced life like today’s, backaches due to long desk jobs and headaches due to work stress are quite common. Apart from these, sinus pains due to weather change, stomach ache due to indigestion, and migraines are becoming a frequent reason of distress.

Body pains or aches can really hinder our day-to-day routines. Once the attack strikes, you may not even want to go to work, cancel an important meeting, skip reunion with friends to just stay in bed until the pain subsides. At times, we cannot avoid these things and are forced to take a painkiller or pop a pill in anticipation of instant relief.

There is no doubt these over-the-counter medications can provide you much-needed relief, but there is no healing. Many studies suggest that these painkillers have serious side effects that cause more harm than good. More than 5000 years ago, the Chinese developed a healing technique or a therapy that is called Acupressure. This alternative healing technique uses acupressure points to relieve body pains and aches.

Method to Use Pressure Points for Body Aches and Common Pains

The Chinese technique of Acupressure works on the same principles as Acupuncture. It is often referred to as “acupuncture without needles.” This ancient art of healing was developed to promote overall wellness, relaxation, treatment of diseases and self-healing.

This is one of the many traditional Chinese medicine techniques that has gained immense popularity around the world and is one of the most renowned ways of treating ailments. The technique claims to be able to heal up to 3000 medical conditions with simply the use of touch.

As described, the ideology has listed down special acupoints that lie along the meridians, also known as channels, at various locations in our bodies. These channels that are connected to major organs of the body are a gateway to life energy, known as Qi in Chinese. The technique targets to maintain a constant and healthy flow of life energy to these channels.

However, when any of these channels are blocked, an imbalance in the body occurs and illnesses happen. Hence, reflexology and acupressure stimulate pressure points for body aches and other illnesses to unblock these pathways for the life energy to flow properly. It is a powerful yet gentle way of restoring balance and health in the body. This technique of healing is not only restricted to treating physical ailments but also heals the mind, emotional and spiritual fields. If you are looking for a gentle way to treat chronic body pain, you are in the right place. This article will bring to light some common yet effective acupressure points to relieve body pains & aches. (1)

Acupressure Points for Body Pains

  1. Joining the Valley: Whenever you sense a headache kicking in, you can instantly heal it by massaging this point. Also known as Large Intestine 4, LI4, or Hegu, this point is located at the backside of the hand between the thumb and index finger. It is one of the most commonly used acupressure points in hand for the treatment of a headache and migraine pain. It can also be used in relieving fever, toothache, back and shoulder pain. Massaging it firmly for a few seconds will activate the point and unlock the energy flow to restore balance. 
  1. The Third Eye: This is another very powerful pressure points on the body to treat a range of ailments. As the name suggests, it at the center of the two eyebrows, right above the nose. This point can be massaged for a few seconds to relieve stress and related pains. Also, it relaxes tension in the muscles and releases a chemical called endorphin that acts as a relaxant to the body. In addition, it can re-energize the body when it feels fatigued and powerless. It can also treat sinus pain, eye strain, insomnia and accelerate spiritual growth. 
  1. Three Miles Point: Yet another most fundamental pressure points to relieve pain is three miles point, also known as ST36 or Zu San Li in Chinese. This point is located below the kneecap, just at the outside of shin bone. You can find it by placing your four fingers below the kneecap. It is important to apply deep pressure to this point to treat body pains like stomach aches due to digestive issues. When using this point to treat the problem, reflexologists suggest being seated with bent legs and press the acupoints with the help of knuckles or pen. 
  1. Sea of Tranquility: As the name suggests, it is a calming, nurturing and healing point in the body. It is found at the very center of the chest. Locate it by placing four fingers up from the base of your breastbone. By gently massaging this point, this point not only cures headaches but also restores emotional balance, calms anxiety and treats depression. It is important to maintain straight posture while massaging this point. 
  1. Pericardium 6: In Chinese, this point is known as Nei Guan. It is located at the inner forearm, about three fingers apart from the wrist. These acupressure points on hand are located between the two tendons. It can provide great relief from a headache, neck pains, chest pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and stomach pains. 
  1. Sacral Points: This massage point is located right above the tailbone and below your spine. It helps in healing menstrual cramps for women and lower back pain. You must massage this point gently for a few minutes to experience instant relief. 
  1. Heavenly Pillar: It is a pair of acupressure points for body pains, which is also referred to as B10. This is located at the backside of the head, right below at the base of the skull. This pressure point helps in relieving stress and headaches including migraines. Besides, it can be used to heal neck pain and eye strain. 
  1. Crooked Pond: This point is also known as Large Intestine 11. It is located at the crease of the elbow which can be discovered when the elbow is bent. It relieves pains related to cold, and sore throat and also boosts the immune system.

These are some of the most effective pressure points for body aches. Now that you know which acupressure points to massage the next time any kind of pain strikes, avoid popping and pill and heal yourself in the most natural way. When practicing acupressure, it is important to focus on breathing and be seated in a comfortable position. It is a powerful self-healing technique that can treat several illnesses permanently. (2)

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