February 23, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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CBD is one cannabinoid out of the other 113 cannabinoids found in cannabis or hemp. Both CBD and THC are found in high concentration as compared to other cannabinoids, which is why both are under the microscope of researchers. CBD and THC have various health benefits. However, since THC causes psychoactive effects, people use CBD Australia for its therapeutic properties. If you already know about CBD, knowing about raw CBD oil might help you even more. Here’s everything you need to know about raw CBD oil.


Raw CBD oil is the most concentrated form of CBD oil. CBD products that are sold under the name ‘raw’ are unheated. Since they aren’t heated, they still retain certain useful compounds that are otherwise lost. Raw CBD oil contains CBD as well as CBDA. CBDA (Cannabidiolic acid) is the acidic form of CBD, which is one of the most significant compounds found in hemp. This brings us to an important question- how is CBDA useful? Let’s proceed further to answer that.


As already mentioned, CBDA is the acidic form of CBD that is naturally found in hemp and cannabis. The reason why most CBD products fail to retain CBDA is that extraction processes, like CO2 extraction that requires heating burn CBDa and converts it to CBD. Thus, there is no CBDA in such products. However, when we talk about raw CBD oil that does not undergo any heating process to extract CBD, it contains CBDA and CBD in high concentration.

As long as the raw CBD oil is derived from hemp, it contains only traces of THC, if at all, despite containing high amounts of CBDA. Thus, raw CBD oil from the hemp plant is as legal as any other CBD product derived from hemp in countries that consider it legal. CBDA has certain therapeutic properties pretty much like CBD, some of which are- antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides relief from chronic pain as well.


Only raw CBD oil contains CBDA since CBDA gets reduced to CBD in the common processes of extraction, like carboxylation. If you want to ensure the CBD oil you’re taking is pure and concentrated, buying raw CBD oil is a good way of ensuring that.

Furthermore, CBDA has certain properties that you wouldn’t find in decarboxylated CBD. Nevertheless, this does not imply that other CBD Australia products besides raw CBD oil are not effective. The benefit of taking raw CBD oil is that you get both CBD and CBDA in the same oil- two of the most useful compounds that have many therapeutic properties.

Since raw CBD oil mostly contains CBD in raw form along with CBDA, it’s quite concentrated. This means, if you’re looking for a CBD product that is concentrated, raw CBD oil would be a great choice. Also, a small quantity of CBD paste would give you the desired results. So, if you buy a tube of raw CBD oil, it would last quite long.


Since raw CBD oil is mostly found in the consistency of paste, it’s recommended to take a spoon to make sure you’re taking the right amount. After squeezing the desired amount on a spoon, place the paste on your tongue and keep it there for about a minute before you swallow the product. It typically takes about 15 minutes for raw CBD oil to have desired effects.

Since it takes some time for your body to get used to CBD and CBDA, it’s recommended to start off with small doses. When you give your body some time to get used to the doses, you will witness the benefits of CBD oil in a consistent way. Both CBD and CBDA don’t have any side effects. If you wish to increase your doses, you can even consume raw CBD oil combined with another CBD product.

Raw CBD oil mainly helps people include CBDA in their daily intake of CBD. This is why many people have raw CBD oil along with another CBD Australia product. Moreover, it’s completely safe to take raw CBD oil with another CBD product after you figure out the right dosage. Just make sure you buy raw CBD oil derived from hemp to be sure about the legality and quality of the product. Once you buy it, store it properly; away from sunlight and heat.

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