Common Mistakes with Diet and Fitness That You May Not Know

April 11, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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When you’re trying to do a heavy regimen with a diet and fitness schedule, there are many things you have to consider, such as time spent doing each thing, and how to get good core training with your current targeted workout as well. You also have to worry about the safety of things like your back, and more. There are other things though that many people who are practicing a lifestyle with dieting and fitness don’t do, that are essential and can be considered heavy mistakes because they are often disregarded, but necessary for our bodies to properly grow, heal, and become stronger, as well as maintain itself. In this guide (and also here at, we’ll give you some common mistakes with diet and fitness that you may want to think about so you can avoid having issues during your journey. (1)

Eating Enough Healthy Fats

While sure, there are plenty of things that cause fat, as well as unhealthy fats you need to watch out for, a lot of people think they need to cut down on fat altogether. This is completely not the case. In the most general study, you need more protein and more crude fat, as well as unsaturated fats.

Eating things like avocados, nuts, and healthier fat-containing foods that contain a good amount of medium-chain triglycerides are important, let alone that it provides you with enough protein. Not only that, but eating things like fish is extremely healthy for your heart with the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids to go along with the healthy fruits and veggies you eat which contain the phytosterols you need to boost your heart health and metabolism.

Using Electrolyte Drinks When You’re Not Active

Many people think that if you drink Gatorade® or Powerade® then you’re going to be cutting calories, but if you’re not that active then you’re doing it wrong. You need these drinks mainly to rehydrate and replenish healthy electrolytes when you’re extremely physically active, but even then, more than anything you need water.

If you’re not extremely active, you can probably be better off just increasing your water intake which will also help you burn calories, and as the fat in your body burns, it will convert into the water and exit your body as waste to (for those who are dieting). (2)

Only Eating Protein or Eating Proteins Post-Workout

One of the biggest mistakes someone makes when trying to work out is eating only protein. While it may be a primary source that you need to take in, your body needs other vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids and nutrients that can only be found in other types of food as well.

Not only this, but it also leads to the misconception that you should eat only protein post workout. It’s more beneficial to intake a large amount of protein before you work out. Some suggestions like protein shakes say within 20 minutes, but you can eat a large amount of protein up to an hour before you work out and still be alright. But this all doesn’t matter if you don’t get enough sleep at night, so you need to be sure you get enough sleep as well.

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