Delicious And Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Ideas

Kick start your day the best way possible with raw food breakfast!

If you are to be productive in your day and life, you must feel well and have the energy to take action.

In spite of what you may have heard in the media, eating a large breakfast (that is difficult to digest) in the morning will actually detract from your energy during the day.

This is because your body can spends as much as 70% of the energy on breaking down food. Do you want to spend your energy on digestion or getting things done and feeling great when you’re at it?Try those cooking tips.

Raw food breakfast menu options

Here’s how to fuel your body in the morning with nourishment that will require the least amount of digestive effort possible:

Step 1 – Water

Before you eat anything at all in the morning, drink at least two large glasses of pure water to flush out your system and hydrate your body after the all night fast.

Step 2 – Green juice

You should add a fresh vegetable juice to your life every day so why not start with it first thing in the morning. As a matter of fact, it is an ideal way to start your day off.

Green juice gives superior alkalinity, nutrition and hydration while taking almost no effort to digest due to its liquid, highly concentrated form.

This elixir of nature can give you such a powerful kick-start that it will leave the coffee long forgotten.

Top tip:

With a good juicer it just takes a couple of minutes to make your juice and clean up.

Step 3 – Choose any one or a combination of the below:

Green smoothie

Green smoothie is also an excellent raw food breakfast option. Again, full of nutrition and alkalinity. Blending ‘pre-digests’ the food so it is easy to break down for your body. The fiber can keep you going till lunchtime. Just takes minutes to prepare. And if you make too much just take the rest with you to work in a bottle.

Raw foods

Breakfast is the easiest meal to have raw. Most foods that people have trouble giving up are foods typically eaten later in the day. So infiltrating your breakfast time with raw vegan goodies is the way to start off.

A great way to start your transition to a raw foods is to have fruit for breakfast. Even if you eat whatever you want at lunch and dinner, make breakfast a ‘fruit-dedicated territory’. Fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach since it digests very quickly (approx. 30 minutes) and the whole food simple carbohydrates will keep you running for hours.

Not only you can, but you must, eat as much fruit as you want to get in enough calories. As an example, think five bananas or oranges for breakfast.

Raw food breakfast recipes

You can make many a healthy and super-yummy breakfasts in a jiffy with the help of a proper blender:

– Missing your morning cereal? Have raw granola with almond nut milk.

– Missing bread and cheese? Have some flax crackers with nut pate.

– Missing yogurt? Create thick raw smoothie incorporating nut milk.

– Missing droughts? Eat some raw cake in the morning!

It’s all possible with a high-speed raw food blender!

Other foods

Ideally, you would eat an ‘all raw’ breakfast.

But feel free to add healthier raw foods to your diet gradually. You can try something new every day, week or even month.

Whatever works for you. Before you know it, you eat an enormous proportion of your daily diet raw. And you feel it.

If you would like to keep eating some heavier things for breakfast then it is recommended to eat all the fruit you care for for breakfast at first, followed (after 20 minutes or so to allow for digestion of the fruits) by whatever else you want to eat. Reach for light whole foods whenever you can.

Top tip:

Fruit is loads of fun:

– You can eat as much as you want

– It tastes great!

– Might help you with cravings / overeating issues throughout the day as it contains enough simple carbohydrates to fuel our bodies properly.

Step 4 – Create a daily morning ritual

One of the most effective ways to set yourself up for success in your day, hand in hand with a nutritious raw food breakfast, is to create a daily morning ritual.

Exercise is a great choice but ideally try to include an activity that will provide harmony your mind and make you feel centred and balanced, such as:

– deep breathing

– meditation

– writing in a journal

– visualising, taking a couple of ‘gratitude minutes’

– reading a page of an inspirational book

– stretching

– yoga

As little as 5 minutes or as long as an hour. You decide how much time you decide to devote to the activity of your choice.

Give yourself a gift of ‘me-time’ to nourish the body, mind and spirit before life happens and distracts you. Every day.

Step 5 – Enjoy your raw food breakfast and ‘me-time

Have a wonderful day, you raw food lover!