Dog Bland Diet Chicken and Rice Recipe

January 6, 2019 • By Sophia Smith
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Is your dog suffering from some stomach problems such as diarrhea or vomiting?

Your trusted veterinarian will recommend that you feed him with a bland diet.

Yes, this type of feeding will be so that in the next days he gets used and conditioned to return to eat his usual food again.

It is a smooth transition for your dog to recover progressively. In this article, I will tell you how to make a bland diet for dogs. (1)

Let's be hurry to it!

Steps to follow:

Step 1

Although you are used to feeding dogs with particular feed for them, you must not forget that dogs are omnivores and require vitamins, proteins, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy.

When your pet has stomach problems it is recommended to prepare a bland diet for your dog to recover its usual routine and this is achieved with a diet that combines:

  • Carbohydrates (boiled white rice, pasta or potatoes)
  • Chicken and vegetable proteins

Step 2

The best way to feed your dog when he is sick and needs a bland diet is to prepare a meal by combining these foods with meat, especially poultry. Boiled chicken meat, skinless and with rice is a classic recipe and ideal as a bland diet to feed your dog.

Do not add any oil, salt or aromas to the food and you will see how your dog, little by little, will improve and recover its stomach balance.

Step 3

Another good choice of bland diet for your dog if you suffer from diarrhea or vomiting is to cook scrambled eggs. You can offer him one or two tablespoons every 2 hours and watch your pet to see how it evolves.

If you know that you feel good increases the amount progressively after the first 6 hours of ingestion until you eat the amount of food you usually eat.

After a day eating some scrambled eggs, you can add boiled rice to make a more consistent meal. You can even add some carrot, potato or pumpkin to the rice mixture so that the food is progressively more complete.

As your stomach improves, you can add the scrambled eggs to your regular meal and decrease the amount until you only feed your feed.

In this article, you tell you what a dog with vomit can eat.

Step 4

An ideal bland diet for your dog can consist of meat, fish, and vegetables as long as they are low in fat so that digestion is more comfortable and easier. And the best way to give the chicken is poached, little boiled or even raw previously frozen.

The ideal meats are chicken, rabbit or turkey and the hake is an excellent choice as white fish. The perfect vegetables or fruits for a bland diet should be easy to digest for the stomach to recover. They should be cooked and well shredded so that your dog assimilates it well and takes advantage of the nutrients. You can feed him apple, potato, carrot, and pumpkin always taking into account the tastes of your pet.

Step 5

When your dog is sick, food should be taken more frequently. Instead of 1 or 2 takes you should feed him 4 or 5 times a day that way you will help your digestive system work slowly, at a good pace and without overloading. Between 2 or 3 days your dog should improve if it is not the case consult with your veterinarian.

If your dog is very delicate with the meals you can crush all the food and make a puree so that you eat it all without a problem, you can help restore your intestinal flora with yogurt, digestive enzymes or kefir whenever you know that you can sit well and not interfere with the bland diet. Discover how to treat indigestion in dogs in this article of How To.

Make sure that there is always fresh and clean water at your fingertips so that it is well hydrated.

Advantages of Bland Food for Dogs

One thing you have to understand that your dog may get fall into health problem due to chewing bed. That’s why you should buy chewproof dog bed. Give the dog bland food if there are health problems. Bland food contains more water and less carbohydrate. This bland food is useful for pets suffering from urinary tract disorders, as water helps with this problem. Wet food does not allow dehydration, especially if the animals suffer from heat or are very active.

A bland diet is best for pets that have tender gums and lack part of the canines. Dogs with problematic jaws or small maws also benefit from this type of food.

If the animal has lost its appetite due to illness or age, the smell of bland food will stimulate the production of gastric juices.

Choose bland foods with a high concentration of protein. Feed in cans contains more meat and natural fats than dry granules. The pet will benefit from a high-protein diet, as dogs tend to digest foods that are high in protein.

High-quality bland foods contain fewer preservatives and by-products than dry food. If the dog is sensitive to these ingredients, choose bland food.

Put overweight dog into wet food, and obese, fluffy human friends need food that is high in amino acids. Bland foods make obese animals feel full in the stomach longer, so they tend to eat less.

Order online bland food if you have a puppy. Juveniles love digestible foods because they are bland and more comfortable for canines.

Buy bland food for old dogs that need an increased percentage of moisture in food, and dry food does not contain water.

Bland food is often more expensive than dry granules and does not have a long shelf life after opening the package. Go to the pet store every week for a meal or order a wholesale batch delivered to your home for a whole month. Get an extra discount on quantities.

Cons of Wet Foods

Canned dog food should not be left on the plate for more than one or two hours. When wet food is exposed to air, the harmful bacteria quickly grow quantitatively. If the dog has not eaten part of the food during this time, immediately throw away the remains that have not been eaten.

Keep open cans of food in the refrigerator and make sure that the dog eats the contents for two to three days. This will reduce the risk of bacterial contamination of the feed.

Combine dry foods and canned foods or alternate between these two types. Mix a bit of both species together in a dog bowl. Dry food at the bottom, wet top. The dog is more likely to eat moist food, which will reduce the risk of infection.

Feed your dog dry granules four to five times a week, and then give the canned food once or twice a week. This is also a more economical option. Remember that the combination of the two types will lead to an increase in calorie diet. (2)

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