Fashionable Electronic Smoking

There was the time when our grandparents used to smoke either using a hookah or something similar or using Gandalf Pipes. The trend changed a century ago, and hookah was replaced with the cigar. People liked cigar idea because it was giving them the nicotine they wanted and the size was cool enough that they could easily carry it anywhere they wanted. Gandalf smoke pipes were also popular, but then there came the time, and trend changed again.

Pipes were replaced by the cigars and cigars became very popular because everyone could carry cigars with them in their pocket. Everyone switched to cigars, and it became and fashion and style statement. It was the time when cowboy style was in fashion. A leather hat, long boots, cargo pants and leather jackets and the cigar in the mouth. Well fashion keeps changing and with the fashion change, smoking changed again, and cigarettes were introduced in the market.

Cigarettes were very compact that a small packet could hold 20 cigarettes. The weight was so light that everyone would love to carry it with them. It became so much popular that every second person in the world became a smoker. The reason was the cigarettes and its compact size. The world felt the need to eradicate the smoking habit from the world because people had become aware of the fact that cigars and cigarette are dangerous to their health.

Electronic Cigarettes or Vape Pens

Technology and fashion took another leap, and now you can see every 12th smoker smoking an electronic cigarette. Fashion and trend of electronic cigarette are spreading rapidly. It is marketed by saying that it is not harmful to the health and environment. This statement is true to some extent, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t have a bad effect on your lungs and health.

Electronic smoking has become now a style statement like cigars used to be somewhere in the history. Hundreds of companies are manufacturing different types of vape pens. Hundreds of flavors are introduced in the market for the electronic smokers. Smoking is no more conventional smoking. It has changed completely. And there are two factors behind this big change, i.e., Technology and Fashion.

A good variety of vape pens are available in the stores near you or even at online smoke stores. You can find the best suitable e-cigarette for you and place an order at the online smoke store whenever you want. Your e-cigarette with beginner’s kit will be delivered to you. In this kit, you can find an extra liquid chamber, extra filter, a charger and sometimes a complementary e-liquid.

If you don’t get any e-liquid in the packing, you can buy that from the online smoke stores. Before placing an order make sure that you have read the users reviews. This practice will save you from the bad experience of smoking a wrong flavor. Go for the e-cigarette which suits your style. If you are a businessman, then don’t buy bulky and funky electronic cigarettes rather get an elegant one in the compact size.

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