How To Choose Medical Walkers For Adults?

October 15, 2018 • By Sophia Smith
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The walkers reduce the load on the spine and legs. This product is indispensable when passing the rehabilitation course for the motor system of the body. The price of the medical walker depends entirely on the type, material of manufacture, manufacturer and of course on the complexity of the design.

Types of Walker Designs - What Are Medical Walkers?

  1. Walkers walking or also called mobile:

This type of walker is made in such a way that allows you to move in turn the left and right side of the walker, simulating a natural step, increasing comfortable movement. Walking walkers are foldable and inconsistent. Folding walking walkers simplify transportation and handling of the walker many times. The medical walker is used mainly for people with weak hands and simplifies movement to the maximum.

  1. Fixed or Stationary Walkers:

 This type of walker allows you to keep balance when walking, to improve coordination and reduce the load on the legs. One drawback of fixed walkers is that in the process of movement you need to rearrange completely, which is not entirely convenient and requires some physical effort.

  1. Walkers with Axillary Support:

The Walkers with a support facilitate the movement of people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and impaired coordination. An important feature of the walker with the axillary support is that the load goes to the armpits, and not the brushes. With this feature, the owner gets increased stability and easily allows you to control their movement.

  1. Wheeled Walker:

The Wheel walkers are equipped with wheels from 2 to 4 pieces, a break and a place to rest. The downside of these walkers is their bulkiness, but these walkers are multifunctional. Wheeled walkers are used: as a support when walking, as a resting seat, as well as a cart for shopping or anything. Four wheels are very popular for people with physical disabilities and people in old age.

  1. Walkers with a Support Under the Elbow: 

This type of walker differs from similar models in that it has a comfortable and soft base for a person’s elbow and the weight of the body is transferred to the forearm area, while the legs and the spine experience minimal strain. Various models that can withstand a person's weight up to 100 kg and with a reinforced frame that can withstand up to 120 kg. When choosing it is important to take into account the individuality of each owner, that to make the right choice.

How to choose a Medical walker?

When purchasing a medical walker, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Man's height. The best option, while purchasing a walker with the ability to adjust the height of the product. You get the possible regulation and you do not have to carry out additional manipulations in the form of filing the legs. It is impossible to make the product higher.
  • The weight. For large people, it is worth stopping the choice on reinforced models and before buying it is important to clarify the weight of these walkers.
  • Walker handles. The Handles affect the level of comfort. Also, you should pay attention to the material of manufacture and configuration. People with arthritis of the hand, ideally suited pens with a wide base. If a person has sweating, then it is a recommendation to choose pens with a porous material.
  • Age and physiological features. For people in different age categories, problems and desired results, it is worth choosing an individual walker model.
  • Manufacturer. It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer and recommend taking products from proven manufacturers who specialize in medical or orthopedic products.

Additionally, the walkers that come with adjustment are much more expensive rather than analogs walker that comes without these options. However, the walkers also have additional features such as folding or removable seats, rubber (when used on ice), additional handles and increase the capacity of the basket for your things.

Choice Medical Walker for Adults Depending on their Purpose

Properly selected walkers will give the maximum comfort and ease of movement, making the rehabilitation process more efficient and correct. So, choose according to the desire of your capability. In order to acquire the appropriate type of walker, it is important to correctly define their operational goals such as

  • Movement indoors;
  • Performing simple chores around the house;
  • Walking in the air;
  • Recovery processes after surgery, fractures, and other things.

Adult walkers are needed to reduce the load on the vertebral and legs that occur during movement. It is recommended to buy a medical walker for adults for people who have suffered a stroke and other diseases of the nervous system, the consequence of which is the restriction of physical activity. In addition, they are needed by people at the age who find it difficult to move without support. With this device, the patient is provided with relative autonomy and mobility. 

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