Two Magical Elixirs For Smokers -How To Cleanse Your Lungs

Smokers can be easily recognized by the characteristic cough that inevitably follows after a longer period of smoking. Of course, our primary recommendation for you would be to quit smoking! But if you are that certain type of stubborn character who enjoys smoking regardless of its serious health hazards – here are some tips on how to minimize its negative impact.

First thing you should know is this: Your lungs will most probably become COMPLETELY coated with tar within few years of excessive smoking. Once created, these blockages can result in severe chest pain and a disrupted balance of the cells, which may contribute to the formation of carcinogenic cells in the lungs, throat and mouth.

As your car requires having a periodical change of oil and filters in order to avoid any accidents and breakdowns, and ultimately may result in engine failure, so your lungs also require such attention and care. Unlike your vehicle, you cannot just purchase a new pair of lungs, so it is crucial that you take extra care of this vital organ. For this reason, the very minimum that you can do for yourself is regularly cleanse and revitalize your lungs.


What you should do is clear the lungs of toxins and tar, which can be done by eating certain foods that contain compounds that protect or clean our lungs. Cleaning the lungs allows you to reduce the risk of infection and cancer, increase lung capacity and improve the general health of the respiratory system.

Cleaning the lungs is especially recommended not only for the active smokers, but it is recommendable for the passive smokers too, as well as for those of you who live in areas with polluted air. If you use the right cleaning method, you will certainly achieve maximum impact.

How To Cleanse Lungs From Smoking:

Ginger – Ginger is a very powerful and potent tool for detoxification of the lungs. You can use it in several ways. Tea made from ginger root with lemon helps your breathing and promotes the elimination of toxins from the respiratory tract. Lemon cleans the skin tissue, while ginger cleanses your lungs.

Indeed, ginger can be used to make a powerful elixir for cleaning your lungs. For best results follow this recipe:


  • 1 kg of onions
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric
  • 1 small peeled ginger root


The onions should be peeled and cut into quarters and covered with a liter of water. Then, you add the grated ginger and turmeric to the mixture and put to boil. When the mixture starts boiling, reduce the heat. Cook until the liquid is reduced to half. Right after that, strain the resulting mixture and transfer it into a jar which can be stored in the fridge.

The recommended dose of this remedy is 2 tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning and then again 2 tablespoons two hours before dinner or supper in the evening.

You can also create a warm bath with powdered ginger. The duration of the bath should be around 20 minutes for best results. The bath stimulates the process of opening the pores and increases perspiration, which helps eliminate the toxins from your lungs and body. The steam you breathe during the bath is going directly into the respiratory tract, facilitating the process of breathing and purifying the lungs.

Watercress – Many doctors consider watercress an inevitable alternative in the process of cleansing the lungs. Watercress can be made in a simple and delicious soup, which effectively cleanses the lungs of toxins.

This soup is recommended to be consumed two times a month, especially by active and passive smokers.


  • 1 kg of watercress (flowers and stems)
  • 2 cups of dates
  • 4 cups of water


Put the ingredients in the pot on low heat. When it starts to boil, lower the heat and cook for a minimum of 4 hours. If the surface of the soup creates foam, remove it with a spoon. After the soup is ready, season it according to your preference.

This soup is very appetizing. You can serve it with rice and other supplements.

Note: It is important to use the correct ratio of ingredients and cook the soup at least 4 hours. After such cooking, the soup reaches its desirable texture, making it nourishing and useful for detoxifying your lungs.


Mullein – Tea made from mullein brings quick relief to people whose lungs are clogged with toxins and tar, which is a common case with smokers. Be cautious in straining the tea – the tiny strands on the leaves of mullein can have an irritating effect if swallowed.

Coltsfoot and UvaUrsi–For those who have made the decision to quit smoking, it is important to cleanse the lungs of all the toxins which carry a potential risk of cancer. Coltsfoot and UvaUrsi are very popular among smokers, because they allow this kind of detoxification and facilitate the process of breaking this bad habit. Also these plants are very helpful in strengthening and nourishing the entire respiratory system.

You should also bear in mind that white horehound (Horehound), nettle root lotus, fenugreek (fenugreek), eucalyptus, goldenseal and peppermint are very useful in detoxifying the lungs if you are a smoker or exposed to smoke.

What should be avoided?

Avoid consumption of processed foods, especially white flour and sugar, and dairy products that stimulate the production of mucus in the body. And try to reduce your daily stress to minimum!

If you are trying to quit smoking, be sure to avoid the company of smokers. It might not only make you fall into your bad smoking habit, but also it might make your cleansing process much longer and much more difficult.


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4 years ago

These elixirs are great! I have tried them myself. Yet, the best thing to do is reduce those fags.

4 years ago

Right on that’s a great recipe and I’m definitely going to try it.
Some of these are similar to the top 10 foods to cleanse smokers lungs video .

4 years ago

Hi i am shiva thanks to give home remedy lungs cleaning medicine i hve started takeing onion recipe

4 years ago

I’ve been a smoker for most of my life. I started smoking in High School and I have been an active smoker since then. Now I’m a father and a husband and I’m still smoking. As I was sitting here and reading this it had me thinking about my health and I felt worried but I still had a smoke before I decided to write this comment. I have stopped smoking several times, or at least I tried and decided that my lungs had enough poison, but the longest period I have been without a cigarette is a year and it felt great. I knew I had to cleanse them but I started smoking again even more than before. I know I want to quit again but I just can’t. As an alternative I think I will try one of these recipes. The one with ginger and onion sounds pretty good and easy to prepare so I think I will try it out. I have heard about stress, but didn’t know that sugar, white flour and dairy products could also have an effect. Nevertheless, I know the best way to cleanse my lungs is to quit smoking but until then it doesn’t hurt to try something like this.

4 years ago

Although I’m not a smoker, I’m exposed to the negative effects of cigarettes all the time because my husband is a heavy smoker, who just won’t give up smoking for anything in the world. He has tried though, I must say that he has, but all in vain. He wouldn’t smoke for two or three days tops, and then he smoked even more. So, until he realizes that smoking is bad for him and decides to give it up for good, I’ll at least help him cleanse his lungs by preparing some of the recipes I read in this article. I’ll try with the ginger recipe, because it looks like pretty effective. I’ll use some of this elixir myself since as a passive smoker I breathe in a lot of the smoke too. Thanks for writing this article. I’ll share it with some of my friends who also smoke so they could cleanse their lungs too.

4 years ago

I have been so worried lately. My mom has been smoking for ten years. And now she started coughing in a way that feels like she has something swallowed and it got stuck up right at her throat. The noise she makes when coughing it is like she is trying to throw up something that has been bothering her a lot from the inside but with no success. Every time I hear her coughing I feel so sad because I cannot help her out. Thanks to this article I have found out the smokers’ lungs become completely coated with tar and once created, these blockages either result in severe chest pain or they might contribute to the formation of carcinogenic cells in the lungs, throat or mouth. This might explain her severe coughing and the noise that feels like coming from her throat. I have tried talking to her about quitting smoking but it only resulted in her cutting down the number of cigarettes smoked daily. When I first read about this elixir I was happy to find out that all the ingredients used to prepare it are natural and they can be easily found out in the nearest supermarkets. I really want her to try it out. My mom feels so skeptic about this elixir that cleanses the lungs but today I am preparing it for her and she is going to start consuming it immediately. I strongly believe that this elixir will help her cleanse her lungs. Nevertheless, she has nothing to lose and she can only enjoy the benefits of detoxifying and cleansing her lungs.

4 years ago

A good owner of a car is the one with regular service habits for their own vehicle. That person has made sure that for his vehicle he has: regular service check-ups at the authorized service even after the warranty period has expired, early change of oil and the other fluids and other consumable parts, a constant full insurance package, always choosing the most quality fuel only from branded gas stations and many, many more attributes that a good owner of a car has. We can all see each other that even if we are not this guy we all tent and want to be. Because the vehicle that we own is a measure for prestige. Having said that, I cannot understand why a lot of people are not doing the same care for the only available vehicle that they have for existing of their being. The lungs as a vital organ are the first on the list of the harmful effects of the city’s polluted air itself and it is far from rational to accept the damage that has been made to them by the smokers as an addition. I am having difficulties to accept the self-destructive activity to the lungs by the smokers but nevertheless, if from some irrational reason (for them rational) they have to continue smoking, they also have to cleanse their lungs with these potions same as you do with the oil and other liquids to your car.

4 years ago

Human beings have a self-destructive capacity that surpasses common sense and the inborn survival instinct.
We have a tendency to harm ourselves to an unimaginable extent. Smoking is a perfect example of such destructive habit. It is a well-known, scientifically supported fact that cigarette smoke contains a lot of poisonous, carcinogenic, and potentially lethal substances. Having in mind the fact that our urban environment is far from clean and that we are daily exposed to different pollutants, why would anyone additionally burden their bodies with cigarette smoke? Being now in my mid forties, I have not smoked a single cigarette in my entire life but I have been daily exposed to this poisonous fume for twenty nine years of my life. My primary concern however has not been for my own health, but for my father’s. He had been a chain smoker for at least forty years, with all the horrible side-effects of his harmful habit. I still remember the horrible sounds of his coughing, accompanied with my constant worries about his health. I remember that he sometimes drank some herbal potions for lung cleanse prepared by my mother, which seemed to alleviate the nagging cough with a lot of mucus. Fortunately, he decided to heed his doctor’s advice to give up smoking after he had experienced a serious heart problem.
Knowing that lungs are our vital organs, we should take good care of them and cleanse them naturally. I am a big fan of ginger in all forms, so I think I am going to try your turmeric-ginger lung cleanse recipe. Thanks for sharing useful advice and helpful recipes.

4 years ago

Ok… I use Ginger Root slices in my teas every day so Im good with that.
My question is how does that elixir taste? Im not familiar with Tumeric.
A coworker from Guyana uses tumeric w/ black pepper once in the morning
every day and honestly, it smells. Also the pepper spices my nose so thats a
throw off. Im not use to spicy things. Tumeric stains, not sure if I’d like Gold
Teeth :B . Not that cigs wont make your teeth look like Kramers jettin a cigar.

For as long as this article has been up, who has tried the ginger/tumeric route?
Can anyone who has tried this please post results?
Is the onion absolutely necessary?

Megan Flores
4 years ago

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Megan Flores
New Jersey, USA.