How To Extract BHO Safely

May 5, 2019 • By Penelope Torres
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The most important thing to remember about BHO extraction is that the process is risky. In the event that you do not have proper knowledge of how to extract BHO and chemistry, it is recommended that you do not attempt this alone.

There are countless reports of people that have injured themselves as they tried to make their own BHO. In order to help you stay safe, here are some general safety tips you should be aware of.

Fully Understand Why BHO Extraction Is Dangerous

Butane is utilized in order to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis and is safest to due through a closed loop extraction system. This gas is highly flammable. Extraction is done over a stove so the risk is higher the more oil that is used since more butane has to evaporate.

During extraction, butane becomes liquified and quickly evaporates while over a stove due to the addition of heat. Because the gas is heavier than oxygen, as it evaporates it goes down. Without proper attention and safety practices in place, it can easily catch fire.

If you decide to make your very own BHO, be sure that you start with small batches to lower risks. Also, butane should be evaporated outdoors in case of emergencies. (1)

Make Sure You Have All Your BHO Extraction Supplies Before Starting

It is very important that you gather all the supplies you need, from the amount of cannabis to use to razor blades. There is nothing worse than figuring out that something is missing when you already started the process. Create a checklist of all that is needed. Also, make sure that you buy more butane and some extras for parts that could be damaged during the extraction process.

Use Spray Bottles With Soapy Water To Locate Leaks

One of the most common problems with BHO extraction at home is avoiding explosions. The system that you use needs to be completely free of leaks, hence a closed loop extraction system. You want to be sure that no oxygen reaches the solvents you use and no solvents combine with oxygen. This is because fire happens when 3 elements are present: a spark, fuel, and oxygen. Fire cannot happen when one of these do not exist.

After you install the BHO extraction system, pressurize it to up to 50 psi. Leave it overnight and take a spray bottle filled with soapy water to check all joints. Zero leaks should be present.

Always Use The Best Butane

A really important part of the extraction process is using butane that does not have impurities. High-quality fuel is necessary because of the fact that impurities will negatively influence the taste and quality of your extracted wax or oil.

When you use clean butane, just clean BHO is inhaled. Dirty or industrial-grade butane creates residue in extracted wax or oil. Residues will affect the extracted oil’s smell and taste. Choose just the products that are pure and refined, preferably intended for the extraction process.

Talk To A Professional

One of the simplest ways to be sure that your system is safe and you know how to safely extract BHO is to talk to someone that knows everything about the process. Having a professional with you during the initial test runs will help you to identify any problem that might exist. Also, the professionals can help you to choose the best equipment, cannabis, and butane.

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