Legal Cannabis Can Help People with Chronic Pain

June 18, 2019 • By Penelope Torres

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The country is in the midst of an opioid crisis. Many addicts were introduced to opioids legally through their medical treatment for chronic pain. Prescriptions for heavy painkillers made it easier for these patients to function in daily life, helping them get back to their jobs and hobbies without getting bogged down by constant discomfort and injury.

The pull of opioids is difficult to resist. People get accustomed to the treatment, taking more pills to get stronger and stronger doses. The problem is dangerous and all-too-common.

There is a solution out there to move patients away from prescriptions of opioids, especially when dealing with chronic pain: medical marijuana.

With the legalization of cannabis, it can be used as an opioid alternative for patients looking for long-term pain management and for doctors looking to curb the current crisis. While people living with chronic pain could become dependent on medicinal marijuana, the substance doesn’t carry the same risks for addiction or overdose as opioids do.

Many people dealing with chronic pain may be hesitant to use medical marijuana because of side effects like drowsiness and dizziness. These symptoms can make it near-impossible to work or fulfill responsibilities. No one wants to feel like they’re going to fall asleep at their desk or faint in the middle of a meeting.

However, scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre are looking into the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for safe pain relief that won’t make users feel “high.” The distracting side effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be removed.

Another benefit is that legal cannabis can be more easily accessible for people whose chronic pain affects their ability to leave the house. They could have mobility issues that make it hard for them to drive or take public transport to a pharmacy.

With the help of online retailers, they can have their medical marijuana delivered directly to their front door without any hassle. Some companies can even manage same-day deliveries for buyers in certain cities — check this out to see how the company Pineapple Express Delivery Inc. manages to get their customers such fast results.

Cheap delivery within 24 hours is not just a sign of good customer service. Having access to a speedy and cheap delivery service means that someone who is experiencing pain can get relief in a short amount of time. Once they get the delivery, they can get back to their lives, whether that means taking care of children, completing work tasks or resting without discomfort.

It’s important to look into the medicinal and therapeutic potentials of medical marijuana because it could help lots of patients. Statistics show that approximately 19% of the population lives with a form of chronic pain — that’s almost a fifth of the entire country. 

The big discussions surrounding legal cannabis are often focused on its recreational use. Instead of talking about it like it's synonymous with beer or wine, the public should be focusing on its medicinal potential. Right now, there are people in need of pain relief that is safe, effective, and accessible, and it seems like this is their ideal treatment.

Penelope Torres

She is a health blogger that knows exactly what readers expect from her writings on nutrition, health and wellness. She inspires them to act and educate them on nutrition and healthy living using real and scientifically-based facts that support her ideas.
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