LifeWave Reviews Show Company’s Effectiveness

January 9, 2020 • By Benjamin Wilson
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It’s always helpful to look at how customers react to a company to truly evaluate its products or services. This can be especially true in the area of wellness, where the ultimate measure of effectiveness is how a product makes someone feel. Since the company has gained plenty of attention since its inception, we took some time to look at LifeWave reviews created by customers and distill some of what people are saying into a clear look at the business itself.

Auspicious Beginning

Seemingly from the start, the wellness company captured interest for its innovative array of products. Founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt, LifeWave has built a reputation on its patented phototherapy technology, which reflects wavelengths of light to promote change on the cellular level. These changes are created through the application of topical patches on different areas of the body.

The first product released by the company was its Energy Enhancer patch. The patch helps cells switch to a more efficient method of energy production that allows users to experience greater energy and stamina. One of the uses for the patch is to improve athletic performance, which helped it catch the attention of the Stanford women’s swim team. After being introduced to the product’s benefits, the team brought the patches to its Olympic tryouts, where it garnered national media attention for the technology. This helped bring the company to the prominence that it enjoys today.

Spread of Offerings

LifeWave operates on a personal distribution model, which allows individuals to partner with the wellness brand and expose potential customers to product benefits. This is an effective route for the company since its offerings don’t lend themselves well to being on display in a traditional retail location. Instead, having a person explain the nuances and effectiveness of the products is often a much better way to communicate the potential use for improving wellness.

That’s one of the reasons that LifeWave reviews figure so heavily into the business. With a plethora of positive responses to the company’s technologies, there’s plenty of interest these days from people who have yet to give them a try. Accounts of positive encounters with the products, both in-person and online, help people better understand the building excitement around the company and its products. This is equally true for both the brand’s more established offerings and its newest additions, such as its recently released patch that helps stimulate stem cell activation.

Regardless of how effective a company’s products are, positive information shared among customers is a key part of spreading a brand’s message. Looking at LifeWave reviews not only gives an excellent picture of how the company’s products work but also how it has helped many people achieve high levels of wellness. For those interested in additional information on the company and its offerings, seeking out these reviews or in-person representatives of the business can be an excellent place to start.

Benjamin Wilson

He is a fitness trainer and part-time blogger interested in nutrition and in leading a healthy lifestyle. He writes smart and inspirational articles on nutrition supported by scientific research and his own personal experience in the healthcare industry.
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