How To Sleep Better And Relax With 5 Different Massage Movements

March 14, 2022 • By Emma Taylor
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Massage For Sleep

There is no research needed to state how much lack of sleep can impact your overall health condition. You have probably experienced this first-hand, and it’s no wonder lack of proper sleep leads to exhaustion, a weak immune system, and so much more. Moreover, if you have insomnia, a common issue among adults, staying asleep may be a general problem. Is there a way to help you with insomnia or fall asleep? When daily stress hits you hard, it’s even more challenging to relax at night and get the proper sleep that doctors recommend. Astonishingly, 1/3 of Americans (1) suffer from lack of sleep regularly, and this number should concern us and make us take some action to stop this from happening. Some people have insomnia for a short period, whereas others have a chronic issue with lack of sleep. 

Whether you are in the first or the second group of people, it’s important to note that there are many ways you can help yourself, such as a good massage. I know you are probably thinking about a fancy place with some oils and pleasant music, but there is more. For example, acupressure can be beneficial for proper sleep and help with sleeping issues. 

Acupressure incorporates various types of physical touch to stimulate pressure points for you to feel better both physically and mentally. Getting a massage always sounds like a good idea, and people regularly treat themselves with one to manage stress levels, relax, and promote better sleep at night. Should you try massage therapy for better sleep? Let’s look at the benefits and types of massages you can try.

How Does A Massage Help You Sleep?

It’s pretty simple and yet, astonishing. First, getting a massage can be so relaxing, and of course, getting rid of stress improves your sleep by 100%, correct? The second way a good massage can benefit your sleep is by lowering your cortisol. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, can make you anxious, and it won’t help you fall asleep quickly. If you get a good massage every once in a while, your serotonin and dopamine levels will go up, and you immediately feel more relaxed. 

If you have experienced pain lately, you know how hard it is to fall asleep when your body aches. Pain, combined with sleeplessness, is a terrible couple. Finding a good position to sleep is nearly impossible, and that’s why we have the massage treatment to make you feel so much better. If you are experiencing back, neck pain, pain after surgery, or headaches, massages can be very soothing for you.

Whether you have a sleep issue for a while or have had the problem for years, it’s important to always work with professionals and be patient. This is because your body might need a longer time to repair its sleep processes. 

The next step is, of course, choosing what massage best suits your interests. There are so many massages to consider and you may be hesitant about which one is the best for your body. The Western world prefers a Swedish massage, which is probably the best to help your body let go of the stress. Other people enjoy a sports massage, which is meant for physically active people and work out regularly. It isn’t the first choice for everyone. Whether you are thinking about booking a massage straight away, it’s important to consider a self-massage first. As you are well aware, getting a massage every once in a while can cost you a fortune, so it’s better to start looking at various alternatives. Have you considered a self-massage? 

Self-massaging yourself may look terrifying at first, but it’s totally worth trying or even considering. A nice self-massage is even better for you if you do it properly and has many benefits to offer. So, where should you start?

The Reflex Points Of The Feet (Feet Reflexology)

Did you know that the feet have around 15,000 nerve endings at their bottom? If you massage them, people believe you are helping your whole body. There are specific points in your foot that will help various body parts and feel more relaxed as a result. So how does one do a foot massage and feel relaxed and happy afterward?

The first step is to either push your foot or squeeze it in either way that suits you. If you are a fan of experimentation, you can also try a golf ball and roll it on your foot. It’s best to start to push right below the big toe’s ball. Hold for about 10 seconds or less each time.

The next step is to relax and massage the outside part of your big toe. This is supposed to make you sleepy as it increases melatonin production. If you focus on the ball of your feet, you will breathe more efficiently and be more relaxed. Moreover, if you massage the ridge of the toes, your shoulders and neck will be thankful.

It’s important to do this about 5 to 10 minutes right before bedtime for best results. Enjoy yourself!

A Nice Rub On The Head Never Hurt Anyone

The head has some great acupressure points to help you sleep more relaxedly. Therefore, knowing how to massage your head will improve your sleep significantly.

The first step is to go to the middle part of your head, which is the part where two imaginary lines meet if they start from the top of the ears. Be patient and push at least 100 times. The next alternative is making 100 circles. 

The second thing you can do is apply pressure to the end of your eyebrows close to your nose in the same way as mentioned above. Again, you shouldn’t do as many as 100, because 30 times is enough.

The final thing you can do is rub under the eyes with longer movements. Do it 20 times at the least and on both eyes simultaneously.

Direct pressure can be applied to many other parts of the body, and you don’t need to become a professional to try it out on yourself. People have been practicing acupressure for many years in the past and there are now studies that are hopeful of proving its effect on sleep and treating insomnia. One study from 2010 (2) looks at 25 people who suffer from lack of sleep. It states that there are benefits for their sleep 5 weeks during and two weeks after the acupressure. Another study (3) looking at 45 women who suffered from insomnia states similar findings. Here are some pressure points you can try out yourself.

Bubbling spring point

You can find this spot right at the bottom on the sole. To apply pressure, you should lie on the back, knees bent. Next, with your toes curled, apply pressure on the point and do it in circles for a few minutes.

  • Inner frontier pressure gate point

You can find this point on the inner forearm right between the two tendons. With palms facing up, count three fingers down, starting from the wrist crease. You will now locate the point, and you should apply pressure with circular movements. Please do it for about 5 seconds or less. This will help you sleep more and relieve your headache, stomach ache, and nausea.

  • Three yin point-an intersection

You can find it on the inner leg, right above the ankle. Start at the side of the ankle, which is the highest, and go up on your leg for four fingers. It would help if you located the place right behind the tibia (greatest bone in the lower leg), and you could circularly apply pressure. Do this for about 5 seconds. It will help you sleep better and also relieve your menstrual cramps. It’s very important to note that this pressure point might induce labor, so don’t do it if you are pregnant.

  • Spirit point

You can find this right below your pinkie finger on your outer wrist, commonly used to treat insomnia. The space should feel empty, where you should apply pressure, moving in circles. Do it for about three minutes or less. Next, put pressure on the left side of the pressure point and then hold on to the right side. After you do this, on the one hand, do it on the other wrist, too.

  • The incredible wind point

You can find this point right at the back of the neck and locate it by searching for the mastoid bone. First, you need to clasp the hands, interlock the fingers, and make a cup shape. Then, apply direct pressure with your thumbs in a circular motion for around 5 seconds. While doing this, make sure you are breathing deeply and properly. This will not only cure your insomnia but will also relieve your cough at night.

Emma Taylor

She is a professional freelance writer and an experienced nutrition expert whose main interests are nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle. She uses her scientific research to support her writing and to prove that her articles are based on proven scientific facts and not on the latest trends.
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