Mix These 2 Things Before Bed And Never Wake Up Tired Again

Sleeping is one of the most crucial activities which keeps us alive and active during the day. Humans spent a lot of time in their lives on sleeping and it can be related to the basic needs of humans, like eating, drinking liquids.

However, there is a difference between sleeping the appropriate amount of hours and have a good night`s sleep.

Sometimes we sleep for eight hours and even more and yet we feel tired the whole day and have less energy than the time we`ve slept for six hours.

This seems unbelievable, but it`s true. People need a good, quality sleep as opposed to a long sleep. If we don`t have quality sleep during the night, not even the naps won`t save us from the dreadful and exhausting day.

There are plenty of factors which may disturb our good sleep, for most of them we are aware of, but for some of them we have no idea that it can harm our quality sleep. It is a fact that adults need eight hours of sleep during the night in order to function normally, but sometimes this is not the case.

We should never shock our organism by changing our sleeping habits. The time we go to bed and the time we wake up, should more or less be the same every day.

If we oversleep during the weekend and then wake up early on Monday, will do us more harm than good.

Try to adjust your daily activities with your sleeping time and you won`t have to sleep during the day. Night sleep can never be replaced with sleeping during the day.

DOs and DON`Ts in the bedroom


1.Your bedroom is called bedroom for a reason, TO SLEEP IN IT. Sometimes, during a long and tiring day we just want to crawl into bed and not to get up. If we have something unfinished at work, we do it in bed, if we want a snack, we eat it in the bed, we surf the Internet in our bed and most of us probably fall asleep before they can even get to shut down the computer.

This is definitely a DON`T and it`s an unhealthy environment for sleeping. Your mind will be focused on pretty much everything except sleeping.

DO- Try to finish everything you have to work before you go to sleep. If you can`t organize the next day, get up a little bit earlier and you will manage to finish on time. If your bedroom creates a positive atmosphere for sleeping, you won`t have problems with it.

2. Don`t eat before you sleep

Sleeping with an empty stomach is bad, but sleeping with a full stomach is even worse. The food won`t digest properly and that isn`t helping your good night`s sleep.

DO- Try to eat at least one hour before you go to bed and those midnight snacks are better off in the cupboard. Eating late at night is a bad habit and if it`s a permanent activity, it can cause so many problems that weren`t even there to begin with.

3. Technology

I don`t know who have started this trend about having a TV in the bedroom, but I can say that he/she didn`t do us a favor. TV can be relaxing after a long day, but if you are trying to fall asleep, TV is not an option. Our brain gives us signals that we are not ready to go to bed and therefore we are more awake than ever. Smartphones and laptops are also the enemies in the bedroom, they don`t relax us, but they make us tense and on alert.

DO- If you can`t sleep in silence, turn on the radio. Soft and relaxing music can absolutelyput you to sleep.

4. The temperature in your bedroom is also an important fact before you go to sleep.

If the temperature is too high and the air is not fresh, you will have problems falling asleep.

DO- Cooler room provides a better good night`s sleep. Open the window before you go to bed, avoid strong odors and always try to create a positive atmosphere in the bedroom.

5. A good mattress or a good pillow can make a difference.

DON`T save money on something which can change the whole day. Bad mattress can cause stiffness of your whole body and you will end up waking cranky and tired every day. The pillow is also an essential, because it gives your neck the support it needs during your sleep and gives the appropriate posture to your whole body.

Two ingredients to improve your sleep

Honey and Himalayan Salt is the perfect mix to help you promote a quality sleep.


Mix 5 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt in a glass jar and store it. Consume the mixture every night before you go to sleep. Place it under the tongue and let it dissolve naturally.

According to Health, Wild and Free,“Raw Honey contains glucose that supports your liver in delivering recovery functions to the cells and body as a whole.

Taking a spoonful of raw honey before sleep supplies your liver with glycogen storage when supports your liver in detoxification, circulation, hormone regulation and other functions to restore your body during rest.

Having adequate levels of glycogen stored in the liver prevents the body from producing stress hormones to repair and recover.

This means that your body has fuel to recover instead of be in a state of stress while sleeping to rejuvenate more deeply.

Additionally raw honey also contributes to melatonin being released in the brain which is an important sleep hormone for high-quality sleep.”

These two ingredients are famous for their beneficial nature. Honey calms the organism and protects it from bacteria and Himalayan salt helps us relax and sleep better, but if you mix them together, the result is even more precious- quality sleep and rested body. Good night!